Band Boys, Roadies and Crew
The bands that came around the Pacific Northwest often enjoyed a lot of success and praise while playing shows in the area. Band Boys, roadies, and the crew were the backbone to this success often working hard in the shadows unloading equipment, tuning instruments, and preparing the sound and light equipment while the band members were off enjoying their music.

Don Alexander ~ High Voltage
Gregg "Wedge" Alexander ~ Lion
Mark Amans (AKA “Hoss”) ~ Wailers, Paul Revere & The Raiders, The Viceroys
Gary Anaka ~ BeanBarry Delights
Buzz Anderson ~ Royal Bananas
David Anderson ~ Gabriel
Mark Anderson ~ The Control Boys


David Baber ~ Captain Jack
Larry Baker ~ Northwest Rock & Roll Band
Michael A Barrett ~ Peece
Joe Barton ~ Roadhouse
Darrel Beaver ~ Seattle Star, The Allies
Alex "Tinker" Bell ~ Sweeney Todd
Brett Bell ~ Steelback
Al Binks ~ Teen Angel & The Rockin' Rebels
Keith Bird ~ Watt 4
Mike Bird ~ Watt 4
Todd Bischoff ~ Faze
Eddie Bishop  ~ City Zu
Richard Bolin ~ Lion
Frank Bradshaw ~ Lightyears
Dick Brodsack ~ Silverload
Steve Broshears ~ Carmel Watters Band
Chris Browne ~ The Doily Brothers
Dale Bruscas ~ The Shades
Glen Buckley ~ Masheen
Randy Buffum ~ Euphony
Chuck Burbank ~ Kracker, Weston Davis Group, USK
Andy Bynum ~ Archer


Bob Calan ~ Ictus
Chuck Cantrell ~ Sonics
John (Cowboy) Cecil ~ Stone Johnny Mt. Band
Josh Chapin ~ BeanBarry Delights
Brent Christianson ~ Queensryche
Larry Church - Genetics
Gary Clark ~ Striker, Heart
Les Clarke ~ Jayson Hoover n Stuff
Mike Cloud ~ Captain Jack
Elaine Cohn ~ Reflections
Johnny Cohn ~ Reflections
Tim Cole ~ Le Max
David Coleman ~ West Wall
Lee Collett ~ Chinook
Bob Compton ~ Oasys
Trayson Conner ~ Kim Archer Band
Karry Conway ~ Stonebolt
Chris Coons ~ Marvells
Earl Cooper ~ Siddhartha
Vic Coupez ~ Silverload, Lightyears
Keith Cowan ~ Heart, Kitaro
Mike Cowles ~ Brutus and The Bullies
Tony Crosetto ~ Krakatoa
Les Cuddeback ~ Outlawed, Heart, The Royals


Jake Dault ~ U.S.K. Madrigal, UVU, The Automatix, Flash, Rendezvous, Brotherhood, All Fall Down, Loose Endz, Jack Daniels Band, Kidd Sister
Gary Davidson - Genetics
John "JD" Dean ~ Teen Angel & The Rockin' Rebels
Garth Doidge ~ Watt 4
Steve Dooley ~ Racer
Dennis Dougherty ~ Chymes of Freedom
Mark Douty ~ Stone Johnny Mt. Band
Mikie Dube ~ K. D. Lang, Prism, Doug and the Slugs, Sarah McLachlan
Arn Duesterback ~ Rainbeaux Band
Wayne Dunlap ~ Magpie


Larry Edgar ~ Mudtones, Ladies Night Out
Mike Eller ~ BeanBarry Delights
Dave Elmer ~ Trooper
Roger Erdman ~ The Furys
Bert Evanger ~ Money
Mike Eyerly  ~ The Control Boys


Robin "The Crusher" Feetham ~ Shaker
David Feigin ~ Stepson
Bob Fisk "Big Bad Bob" ~ The Galaxies (Albany), The Honeycones, The Mark V
Bill Floyd ~ Clearview
Dennis Flynn ~ BeanBarry Delights
Matt Flynn ~ BeanBarry Delights
Bill Foster ~ Cold Daze
Craig Fox  ~ Stone Johnny Mt. Band


Larry Gearon ~ Blizzard
Jessica Geisser ~ Spider Lodge
Tony Gennarelli ~ Goliath
Sandy Gillispie ~ The Wailers
John Gordon ~  CIty Zu
Bruce Goza ~ Lion
Rusty Graeff ~ Sneaky Sam's Lamb, The Ron Gardner Group
Steve Gregory  ~ Foolproof
Brad Grunwald ~ Captain Jack


Dan Hadley ~ Tomorrow's Eyes
Rick Hahn ~ Lion
Tom Hall ~ Kracker
Larry Hansberry ~ Capitol Street Balloon
Matt Hanson ~ Krakatoa
Tim Harding ~ Matrix
Carl Hedrick ~ The Virgin Souls
Jeff Hill ~ Sorcerer's Apprentice, Blue Sky, Magi, USA
Ken Holland ~ Masheen
Doc Holiday ~ Buster Keaton ~ Graf Zepplin
Rick Horton ~ The Stingrays
Bill House ~ USK


Scott Johns ~ State Fair, Scot Free
Tony Johns ~ Jonahs Whale
Gary Johnson ~ Larue & Siwash Rock
Jimmy Johnson ~ BeanBarry Delights
Kevin Johnson ~ Vesuvius
Leslie "Bud" Johnson ~ Raleigh Fingers
Cam Jones ~ The Control Boys
Scott Jonas ~ Chinook
Rich Jundt ~ Carmel Watters Band


John "Kan-Do" Kandarian ~ Rush Hour, The Kingsmen, The Mark Five (Spokane), 
The Rotations, The Gas Company, Climax, The Liverpool Five
Jon Kasprick ~ Omega, Cloud 9
Bridgett Kennelly ~ BeanBarry Delights
Dan Kennelly ~ BeanBarry Delights
Emily Kennelly ~ BeanBarry Delights
Randy Kirstuk ~ Steelback, Major Tom, Innocent Bystander, Vicious Rumors, Paul Janz, Nasco
Michael Kidder ~ Sweet Dick
Brian King ~ United Flyte
Tom "The Dirty Boogier" Kirk ~ Morning After
Pat Kolve ~ The Pied Pipers
David Koski ~ The Warloks
Keith Cowan ~ Heart


Hugh Lackie ~ Borrowed Time
Jarry Lakamp ~ Lion
Lance Lambert ~ Wailers
Mikey Lambert ~ Archer
Andy Lannon ~ Tarkus
Eric Larson ~ Sticker
Gordon Lawrence ~ Ripper
Steve Lebo ~ Rage

L (cont)

Ernie Leslie ~ Jeff Lorber Fusion
Chris Leonhard ~ High Voltage
Brian Lew ~ Royal Bananas
Rick Lewellen ~ Timber
Randy "RJ" Lewis ~ Shaker
Gary Lucas ~ Sneaky Sam's Lamb, The Ron Gardner Group


Robert (Bobby) Mabalay - Tamaraw, Force Major
Rob MacArthur ~ Faze
Craig Mann ~ United Flyte
Doug "The Maniac" Martin ~ Shaker
Chris Martin ~ Lion
Steve Matson ~ Faze
Max ~ Racer
Pat McAllister ~ Rainbeaux Band
Jim McClellan ~ Bighorn
James McFarlane ~ Gabriel
Rick McMillen  ~ Jeff Lorber Fusion
Darin McVay ~ Frenzy
Peter Medway ~ Meddy's People
Toni Medway ~ Meddy's People
Mick Mellor ~ Muf
Steven Meyers ~ Gabriel
Mike Miller ~ Ictus, Le Max
Dave Mitchell ~ Queensryche, Babylon, Myth, Big Fun, The Impacts, Those Guys, The Refuzers, Dinette Set, Student Nurse, Tommy Gevasto, Surkamp, The Pavlov's Dog Reunion.
Roger Mitchell ~ Onyx
Richard (Ric) P. Moore ~ Eddie Money, SmashMouth, Jerry Cantrell (Alice in Chains), Queensryche
Greg "Weasel" Morgan ~ Reunion, Bighorn
Steve Morris ~ The Accents
Don Moss ~ The Centaurs
Carl Murphy ~ Shaker
Doyle Myers ~ Opus


Deane Nault ~ Oasys
Laurence "Larz" Nefzger ~ Striker
Dick Nelms ~ Reflections
Rob Nicholson ~ Rage


Ray Ogilvie ~ United Flight
Chris Olson ~ Archer
Dino Onsum ~ Archer
Dennis Osthus ~ Sundae Funnies
John Oorthuys ~ Magpie, Ladies Night Out
Steve Ottinger ~ Euphony


Bill Pace ~ Magician
Mike Pace ~ Rapid Transit
Pierre Paul ~ Richard Stepp Band
Steve Paulik ~ Rainbeaux Band
Pete Paulson ~ Euphony
Preston Peightal ~ Sorcer's Apprentice
Gary Perkins ~ Striker, Heart
Vaughn Peterson ~ The Bandits
Brad Petrie ~ Clearview
Rob Petrie - SLATZ, Tank
Craig Pierce ~ Captain Jack
Larry Pigott ~ BeanBarry Delights
Nancy Pittenger ~ Reflections
Bruce Pritchard ~ The Dan Reed Network, Zero d’ Zero, Shots, Roger Fisher Band, Radio City, True 2 Life and The Rangehoods.
Mikal "Gary" Priess ~ Butterfat


Alan Quinn ~ Shyanne, Chinook,Blue Mountain Eagle, Child, Heaters, The Machine.


Mary Randolph ~ Trixx
Alex Raphael ~ Ictus, Le Max
Sam Raphael ~ Ictus, Le Max
Doug Raymur ~ All American Band, Barney Armstrong Revue, Aftermath, Fragile Lime
Ian Reid ~ Money
Ron Rochon, aka "Ervis Precisely" ~ United Flyte
Bill Robbins ~ The Bones, The Machine, The Royals
Clark Roberts ~ High Voltage
Marc Robinson ~ The Regents
The Rodent ~ Kiss Porky
Dave Roller ~ City Zu
Ken Rucker ~ Jeff Lorber Fusion
Robert Ryan ~ Captain Jack


Bill Schairers ~ The Nashband
Eric Schilling ~ High Voltage
Mark Schneider ~ Notary Sojac
Joe Seahorn ~ Chymes of Freedom
Brian Shield - Northern Lights
Peter Simpson ~ The Bandits
Mark Small ~ Reflections
Bev Smith ~ Carmel Watters Band
Robb Smith ~ The Allies
Brian Snyder ~ Archer
Morgan Snyder ~ The Doily Brothers
Terry Souther ~ Le Max
Tom Spake ~ Chinook
David Stawitcke ~ July
Buddy Stewart ~ Bighorn
Roger Stomperud ~ Shakedown, Northwest Company, Sweeney Todd, Richard Stepp Band
John Strawn ~ Northwest Rock & Roll Band 
Mark Steneide ~ Seattle Star, TKO, Cathedral, Roger Fisher Band
Scott Strong ~ Calliope
Peter Sturges ~ Teen Angel & The Rockin' Rebels
Tim Sullivan ~ Shaker
Jim Survis ~ Steelback


Jim "J.T." Taylor ~ Dogwater
Ken "Tomahawk" Thomas ~ Trama
Jim Thompson ~ The Wailers
Rick Torres ~ Shaker
Frank Tower ~ Chymes of Freedom
Chet Tozer ~ Bluebird


Walter Van Rheen ~ Morning After
Bill Victor ~ Krokus
Volkert "Kert" Volkersz  ~ Blues Feedback


Billy Wakefield ~ Lion
Sharon Wakefield ~ Lion
Don Wallace ~ The Pied Pipers
Richard Walsh ~ The Bards, Ze
Austin Watson ~ Euphony
Paul Weis~ Adrian (Tacoma)
Randy Wendt ~ Chymes of Freedom
JR Whalely ~ Ripper
Doug Whidby ~ Reflections
Glenn Widgell ~ Stonebolt
Randy Wilbur ~ Carmel Watters Band
Mark Wilcox ~ Heart
Dan Williams ~ The Control Boys
Rick Wolfe ~ Hotel Texas
Stan Wong ~ TightSqueeze
Pat Worsley ~ Teen Angel & The Rockin' Rebels
John Wymore ~ Silverfall



Tony 'Toe Knee' Yadrick ~ The Heaters, The Impacts




In the 1960s, the name Mark “Hoss” Amans was known for being the most famous road manager in the United States. He was in trade magazines on TV shows, and received fan mail.  His popularity even got to the point where he had to deal with fans and their mania wherever he went, just like the rock stars he worked with.  As Amans looks back, he realizes how he had once lived the life of the rich and the famous.  After eighteen years on the road working with top American and British groups, and having the business almost kill him a few times, the author definitely has a very unique story to tell.

Where The Action Was tells the true-life story of groups starting out, and the excitement of making it all the way to the top. It covers all the bases; from recording sessions to hysterical fans to being on the road to the inner workings of sound and stage equipment.  Moreover, it gives readers an idea of the fun, the hard work, the excitement, the danger and the responsibility of touring.

If you are a baby boomer and you liked rock and roll in the 60’s and 70’s you are going to want to read this book

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