Gabriel - 1972 - Photo Courtesy of James McFarlane
Seattle, Washington
1969 ~ 1981
Reunited in 2003


Don Beamish ~ Trumpet
Gary Benny ~ Bass
Frank Butorac ~ Guitar
Don Byrd ~ Trumpet, Keyboards
Stacy Christenson ~ Keyboards
George DePew ~ Saxophone, Guitar
Cary Fly ~ Guitar
Ed Freil ~ Saxophone, Flute
Michael Kinder ~ Drums
Terry Lauber ~ Guitar
Bill McCarty ~ Keyboards
Robert Puff ~ Saxophone, Guitar
Gary Ruhl ~ Bass
Bob Toole ~ Bass


David Anderson ~ Sound, Road Crew
James McFarlane ~ Electronics, Photography/Graphics, Road Crew
Steven Meyers ~ Sound, Road Crew

In Memory of

Ed Friel
Michael Kinder

Ed Friel, one of the founding members of Gabriel, was the one who came up with the band's name
Michael Kinder, February 2005
(ed note:  also the name of the daughter of Don Beamish).

CD Releases from the 'New Gabriel' at

"This Star On Every Heel" - 1974

"Sweet Release" - 1976

"Gabriel" - 1978

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Gabriel  “unreleased”

In 1975 Gabriel submitted a demo, cut live at Kaye Smith Studios in Seattle, to ABC Records for their second LP. ABC thought the direction of this demo was wrong for the band and assigned a producer who would take the band in another musical direction.  This demo is probably as close as you will ever get to “Gabriel live” in this time period and should be of interest to any Gabriel fan.

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Roadie Steven Meyers - photo courtesy of James McFarlane
Steve Meyers - 1978

Gary Ruhl       Stacy Christenson       Frank Butorac       Terry Lauber       Michael Kinder

Gabriel - 2004 - Photo Courtesy of Michael Kinder
Gabriel in 2004

Gabriel in 2009 - Courtesy of Stacy Christensen

Stacy Christenson ~ Frank Butorac
Mike Kinder ~ Gary Benny ~ Terry Lauber
Gabriel in the 1970's -  Photo courtesy of Michael Kinder


George DePew - 1971

Ed Friel - 1971

Bob Toole - 1971

Check out Terry Lauber's Gabriel Page

2003 Gabriel Reunion at Jazzbones

Photo courtesy of Jenny Beaulac
Gabriel outside Jazzbones - 2003
Photo courtesy of Jenny Beaulac
Photo courtesy of Jenny Beaulac
Photo courtesy of Jenny Beaulac
Michael Kinder

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Last Update:  2 November 2017
Credits: James Bush, Mike Kinder, Darryl Riffero, Dwayne E. Howe (aka boda), Mark Hibbert, Terry Lauber, Gary Ruhl, James McFarlane, Jenny Beaulac, Stacy Christensen
Photo Credit:  James McFarlane, Jenny Beaulac, Don Beamish

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