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Rhythm Sharks
Sailor (ID)
Sunn & The Shadows
The Betas
The Ramblin' Three
The Embalmers
The Boys of Boise
The Egress
Eagles Auditorium - Seattle
The Morning Reign
The Evergreen Ballroom
The Crescent Ballroom - Tacoma
The Twisters
Wayward Trio
Canadian Strangers
Bobby Faulds & The Strangers
Paul Revere & The Raiders
In Memory of
Oil Can Harry's
Gold Creek Park
Eagles - Everett, WA
The Fifth Wall
The Vault
The Fonics
The Chandels (AK)
Charlie Brown's Teen Club
Wall Street (BC)
The Ad Lib
D&D Roller Skating Rink
In Memory of
Prodical Son
Nightwatch (Vancouver, BC)
White Eagle Saloon
Blue Baboons
Division Street Corral
Maia Santell & House Blend
Electric Angel
The Rocking Kings
The Red Carpet - Tacoma
The Cirque Club
Mineral Water
Paul Bearer & The Hearsemen
The Del Rays
The Danny Tripper Band
Salem Armory Auditorium
Plaquato Ballroom
Armory - The Dallas, OR
Armory - Hood River, OR
Armory - Oregon City, OR

If you had a gigging band in the Pacific Northwest during  the 1950's, 1960's, or 1970's and would like to have your band displayed here for free, please e-mail the information

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