Sweeney Todd
Vancouver, British Columbia
1974 - 1978
2000 - Present


Bryan Adams ~ Vocals
Chris Booth ~ Vocals
John Booth ~ Drums
Dan Gaudin ~ Keyboards
Nick Gilder ~ Vocals
Grant Gislason ~ Guitar, Vocals
J. Knutsen ~ Guitar
Budd Marr ~ Bass, Vocals
Jim McCulloch ~ Guitars
 Brian McDonald ~ Bass
Clark Perry ~ Vocals
Skip Prest ~ Guitar
Don Snell ~ Drums


Mark Hubber ~ Road Manager
Martin Shaer ~ Producer
Alex "Tinker" Bell ~ Sound
Barry Samuels ~ Manager
Bob "Sweeney Bobb" Schroeder ~ Road Manager, Pyrotechnics, Lights
Roger Stomperud ~ Lights

Nick Gilder Sweeney Todd Group

In Memory of

Gunnar Roger Stomperud
d:  4 July 2008

Sweeney and Todd - Nick Gilder

Nick Gilder Sweeney Todd - 2007

The first edition (on record) were Nick Gilder (who, BTW, as a solo artist had the very first #1 record in the USA for Chrysalis Records) on lead vocals, James McCulloch lead guitar (who wrote the songs with Gilder), Budd Marr on bass, Dan Gaudin on keyboards, and John Booth on drums. Their biggest hit was "Roxy Roller", though they also scored in Canada with the self-promoting "Sweeney Todd Folder" The photos of these five were taken by Chandler Keeler.

Sweeney and Todd - Bryan Adams
After Gilder and McCulloch left for the USA and Chrysalis, the group first hired singer Clark Perry and former Jet guitarist Skip Prest. Perry left the band and was soon replaced by Bryan Guy Adams (yes, that one) who was only 15 at the time.

Sweeney and Todd - Budd Marr

Sweeney and Todd - Skip Prest

The line-up of Adams, Prest, Gaudin, Marr and Booth recorded the second Sweeney Todd LP called "If Wishes Were Horses". The photos of Adams and Prest were taken by L. Christopher Helcemanas-Benge.
Sweeney and Todd - Dan Gaudin Sweeney and Todd - Jim McCulloh
Roger Stomperud, lights with Sweeney Todd, April 2004
Terry Perry, October 2004
Clark Perry, October 2004

Sweeny Todd - Concert poster from a high school dance in the late '70's - Courtesy of Scott Unsworth
Concert poster from a high school dance in the late '70's - Courtesy of Scott Unsworth

The guy in the picture next to Nick Gilder is Don Snell, the original drummer. He and the guitar player, Jim, started the band when they both went to Centennial High School.

They heard Nick at a battle of the bands in Port Moody. Don left before the album came out. - Michael Snell

I was a member of the Incredible Sweeney Todd from 1972 until 1974.  My name is Brian McDonald and I was the first bass player. My picture is included in the above . I am on the left position of the picture  -

Brian McDonald


I am and was Road Manager, lighting and pyro tech for Sweeney Todd from 76-78 and now from 2000 to present. They Call me "Sweeney Bobb",  Bob Schroeder. We are now putting a new show together and will take it on the road soon. there.

Sweeney Bobb, March 2007

I see someone has just submitted the poster of Vancouver’s scariest glam group.  I took all the photos of Sweeney Todd until Nick and Jim left the group.  In fact I was the first to photograph Bryan Adams as Nick’s replacement but that never saw the light of day as the band changed managers, I think while I was taking the photos.

Chandler Keeler (R.I.P.), February 2008

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