Photo Courtesy of Trisha Nerney
Fragile Lime
Everett, Washington
1966 - 1975


Barney Armstrong ~ Vocals
"Big" Joe Barbur ~ Guitar, Vocals
Bob Brannon ~ Bass
Mike Cox ~ Bass*
Ken Dammand ~ Drums
Mark Gallagher ~ Vocals, Keyboards
Jeff Gilpin ~ Guitar
Danny Hook ~ Guitar
Jimmy Hopper ~ Guitar
Tim E. Lee ~ Keyboards, Harpsicord
Don McKinney ~ Saxophone*
Danny Norblad ~ Drums
Ron Rudge ~ Drums
Mike Vena ~ Guitar
Howard Wiebe ~ Guitar
Cliff Weiss ~ Trumpet, Valve Trombone*
Eddy Young ~ Drums


Doug "Doc Reverb" Raymur ~ Sound and Lights

* recording session musicians

In Memory of

Bob Brannon (1950 -2009)
Mike Cox (1947 - 1995)
Jimmy Hopper
Danny Norblad
Howard Wiebe

Mark, Bob, Danny, Ed, Tim

Bob Brannon  (1950-2009), bass player for fragile lime, passed away this week. He still had his bass guitar that he played for Fragile Lime, and up until sickness got the better of him, he regularly pulled it out and played endless numbers of songs that he still knew from memory.

After Fragile Lime he moved to Arizona where he got married to Jana Treichler and had two daughters, along with two sons from a previous marriage.  He regularly shared his love of music to all around him.  He will be missed.

Amanda Brannon- Dalton, December 2009

My name is Jeff Gilpin from Snohomish, WA.  I was the original lead guitar player for the band, The Fragile Lime 1966-67.

I was drafted into the Army the summer of 1967.  Howard Wiebe took my place.

The band was originally called The Family Dog then subsequently became the fragile lime , I did the studio guitar work on the songs "Fairyland (when I was a little man)" and "I Know What It Is",  recorded at Kearney Barton's Seattle studio.  Iit was produced by Bill Frederick and released on Sabrina Records.

Jeff Gilpin, December 2013

I did play trumpet and valve trombone on their records.  The  sax player was Don McKinney (of Don and the Goodtimes) who produced the sessions and managed Superband and The Fragile Lime.

Clifford B. Weiss, August 2014

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18 April 2017

Credits:  Darry Riffero, Neal Skok, Tim Lee, Mike Vena, James Bush, Dave Bloom, Don Caterson, Trisha Nerney, Dave Drui, Ken Dammand, Bob Brannon, Sheryl Hopper - Valentine, Doug Raymur, Don MacGregor, Amanda Brannon- Dalton, Mark Stevens, Jeff Gilpin, Cliff Weiss
Band # 0060