Paul Revere and The Raiders
Boise, Idaho
1958 - Present


Ross Allemang ~ Bass
Keith Allison ~ Bass, Guitar, Keyboards, Trombone
David Bell ~ Drums
Gregory Branson ~ Keyboards
Charlie Coe ~ Bass
Joe Correro ~ Drums
Carl Driggs ~ Vocals
Ron Foos ~ Bass
Doug Heath ~ Lead Guitar
Bill Hibbard ~ Bass
Mike Holiday ~ Bass
Dan Krause ~ Keyboards, Vocals
Jerry Labrum ~ Drums
Drake "Levin" Levinshefski ~ Guitar
Mark Lindsay ~ Saxophone, Vocals
Andrea Loper ~ Vocals
Omar Martinez ~ Drums, Vocals
Dick McGavin ~ Drums, Piano
Darrin Medley ~ Vocals, Drums
Pierre Ouellette ~ Guitar
Jamie Revere ~ Guitar
Paul Revere ~ Keyboards, Vocals
Leon Russell ~ Keyboards
Mike Smith ~ Drums, Guitar, Organ
Jim Valley ~ Guitar
Phil Volk ~ Bass
Dick Walker ~ Bass, Guitar, Piano
Freddy Weller ~ Guitar
Richard White ~ Guitar
Robert White ~ Guitar
Steve West ~ Guitar


Mark "Hoss" Amans ~ Road Manager

In Memory of

Michael L. "Smitty" Smith
1942 - 2001

Drake "Levin" Levinshefski
1946 - 2009

Paul Revere
1938 - 2014

Photo Courtesy of Trisha Nerney
Photo Courtesy of Trisha Nerney

Local music fans dance at Casey’s in downtown Lewiston to the hip sound of Paul Revere and the Raiders.
Photo Courtesy of Tim G. Marsh

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 Paul Revere and the Raiders

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