Tim, Jerry "Zu", Kathy, and D.R.
City Zu
Bellevue, Washington
1965 -  Present


Kathy Childers ~ Vocals, Guitar
Tyler Hamilton ~ Guitar
Tim Kelliher ~ Drums
Jerry "Zu" Matheson ~ Saxophone


Orly Anderson ~ Bass
Neil Andersson ~ Guitar
Mike Balzotti ~ Organ, Keyboard Bass
Eddie Bishop ~ Bass
Jimmy Burnett ~ Drums
Michael Charren ~ Guitar
Kathy Childers ~ Vocals, Guitar
Jess Conrad  ~ Keyboards
Kenny Coulter ~ Drums
Mike Cox ~ Bass
Dennis (Denny) DePretto ~ Drums
Jenni Downs ~ Bass, Vocals
Ron Foos ~ Bass, Guitar
Pat Fultz ~ Drums
Mike Garland ~ Drums
 Chris Greer ~ Guitar
Chuck Harcus ~ Keyboards
D.R. Halsell ~ Guitar
Doug Heath ~ Guitar
Pat Hues ~ Keyboards
Joe Johansen ~ Guitar
Russ Kammerer ~ Drums
Tim Kelliher ~ Drums
Bill Kimball ~ Bass
Norm Langseth ~ Bass
Terry Lauber ~ Guitar
John Lynch ~ Organ
Jerry "Zu" Matheson ~ Saxophone
Dave McKibbin ~ Guitar
Brad Miller ~ Guitar
Grady Mitchell ~ Guitar
Dave Moore ~ Keyboards
Gene Nygaard ~ Guitar
Lee Price ~ Drums
David Raef ~ Guitar, Bass
T.J. Read ~ Guitar
Dave Roland ~ Drums
Larry Sieber ~ Keyboards
Jerry Spohn ~ Guitar
  Jimmy Stanton ~ Drums
Doug Turbush ~ Keyboards
Ric Ulsky ~ Keyboards, B3 Hammond
 Benny Watson ~ Keyboards
Michael Whalen ~ Hammond Organ
Bobby Verzola ~ Guitar

Roadies and Crew

Eddie Bishop
John Gordon
Dave Roller

In Memory of

Mike Cox (1947 - 1995)
Dennis DePretto
Norm Langseth
Joe Johansen (d:  4 June 1997)
Larry Sieber

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Last Update:  15 June 2014
Credits: Dave Roland, Sammy Carlson, Ron Foos, Neil Andersson, Laurel Sheridan, Dave McKibbin, Darryl Riffero, Michael Kinder, Lee Price, Bill Majkut, Kathy Childers, Jerry "Zu" Matheson, Ric Ulsky, Kenny Coulter, Keith DePretto, Joe Cox, Mike Balzotti, Bill Kimball, Don Wilhelm, T.J. Read, Harreson Caldwell (Orly Anderson), Marilyn Hoke, John Lynch, Jenni Downs, Eddie BIshop, Denny Maloy, John Gordon, Larry Sieber, Paty Fultz, Malcolm Kennedy
Band # 133