Blue Sky
Later Known as Lee Malone
Bremerton, Washington
1972 ~ 1980


Rob Alleger  ~ Guitar
Laaron Darone ~ Guitar, Steel Guitar
Tom Dragland ~ Bass
Jim Fleming ~ Drums
Danny Haines  ~ Guitar
Jimi Herron  ~ Guitar, Keyboards
Roger Nick ~ Bass (71-77)
Scott Palmerton ~ Vocals (75-77)
Norm Peterson ~ Keyboards
Scott Rosburg ~ Guitar, Vocals (75-77)
Mike Williams ~ Guitar


Micky Akin (Comedian extraordinaire) ~ Lighting Tech
Jeff Hill ~ Stage crew, Equipment repair, Truck Driver, Mayhem Coordinator
Jim Vamvas ~ Lighting
Mike Swackhammer ~ Sound

In Memory of

Mike Williams  (d:  16 June 2006)

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Provided courtesy of Jim Fleming

Originally from Bremerton, Blue Sky was a big favorite at Perl's. Venturing across Puget Sound the band found work at The Lynnwood Tavern, The Aquarius, The Ad Lib in Kent, Rocker's in Aberdeen and various other venues in the Seattle area. Specializing in original music and enough covers to stay employed the band enjoyed local success.  Their band house in north Seattle known as the "Blue Scar Motor Inn" was quite infamous and they even had a song about it!

The core of the band was Laaron, Jim, and Mike. Their was a time where Mike Williams was the only member!!  The band moved to Denver in 1980 and became local favorites as Lee Malone. They toured extensively in California, Arizona, Nevada, Texas, etc., and back up to Seattle when they had a chance. Their Miller Beer sponsorship was a prerequisite to the big record deal that never happened.  In 1984 they went their separate ways.  Any Blue Sky alumni would be welcomed additions.  Please send pictures.

Norm Peterson, March 2001

"Blue Sky evolved from a young Bremerton Washington band called Darone in 1971-72.  We were fresh out of high school and had stars in our eyes but the rawness, intensity and barely-contained energy of the band would rapidly develop into a powerful and charismatic Seattle based stage show that took audiences by storm all across the country.  From its roots in small Bremerton performance venues like Perls and The Mariner Club, to being pursued by concert promoters and added to concert line-ups across America performing with greats like BTO, Jerry Lee Lewis, Climax Blues Band, Chuck Berry, Journey and Canned Heat, Blue Sky never slowed down.  As a road band, constantly moving from city to city, Blue Sky brought its powerful stage show to venues packed with loyal fans year after year.  The band had several member changes throughout the seventies that recruited fantastically talented players from around the nation that eventually went on to become some of Seattle's most famous band personalities.  Blue Sky was like a band of pirates back then.  We mused about living on the road, pillaging and plundering.  Some of the stories-of-the-road cannot be gracefully told here but boy was it fun.  The band composed and recorded many songs.  Those recordings and pictures of the band can be found today on the official Blue Sky website,, thanks to the combined efforts of Jim Fleming, Norm Peterson and myself.  Many thanks to Pacific Northwest Bands for compiling such valuable knowledge about the rich music culture of the northwest keeping alive the dream."

Roger Nick, September 2006

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Credits: Norm Peterson, Kohen, Jeff Hill, Jim Fleming, Roger Nick, Jimi Herron

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