The Pied Pipers - Image Courtesy of Stan Price and John Gordon
The Pied Pipers - Image Courtesy of Stan Price and John Gordon
Top:  Bill Harrison, Bill Brammer, Ron Foos, and Gary Humphreys.
Bottom Left:  John Gordon

The Pied Pipers
Seattle, Washington
1965 - 1970

Doug Allen ~ Guitar
Scott Batchelder ~ Drums
Brad Baxter ~ Bass
Bill Brammer ~ Drums
Ken Davis ~ Guitar
Steve Dorsett ~ Bass
Ron Foos ~ Bass
Rick Freeman ~ Drums
John Gordon ~ Lead Guitar
Bill Harrison ~ B3 Hammond, Keyboards
Gary Humphreys ~  Guitar, Vocals
Ray McCann ~ Vocals
Jerry Metzger ~ Vocals


Pat Kolve ~ Roadie
Don Wallace ~ Roadie


Mac Keith
Dex Allen

In Memory of

Bill Harrison (d:  24 March 2011)
Steve Dorsett  (d:  26 April 2012)

Special Thanks to

Mac Keith
Robert Humphreys
Mr.& Mrs. Herman Foos

Steve Dorsett:   Steve passed on April 26, 2012 from throat cancer at age 64.  He was preceded in death by his sister Lee Ann.  Surviving are his son Brandon, his Dad & Mom, Ron and Donna and many relatives and friends.  A memorial will be at a later date.

In lieu of flowers, donations may be sent to the Cancer Society or Parkinson's Disease.

Published in The Seattle Times on May 1, 2012

The Pied Pipers - Image Courtesy of Stan Price and John Gordon
The members of the Pied Pipers of Seattle, Washington from 1965 to 1970 were John "FLASH" Gordon, Lead Guitar, Ron Foos "CHIEF", Bass Guitar, {presently with PAUL REVERE & THE RAIDERS}--- Gary "HUMPTY" Humphreys, Lead Vocalist & Rhythm Guitar, Bill " HAIRY" Harrison, B3 Hammond Organ, & Keyboards, and Bill "BANGER" Brammer, Drummer.

The group played all over the Pacific NW in such places as Parkers, Lake hills, Normana Hall, Lundeens, Birch Bay, Hoquiam, Evergreen Ballroom, Lake Chelan The AmVets, Tiffanies in Washington as well as many places in Idaho, and Oregon.

There is presently an interest in reviving the group, with some of the original members as well as some new blood!  We would love to here from any of our old fans or if you remember seeing the group back then!

Other former members of "PIPERS included:  Steve Dorsett, bass guitar; Rick Freeman, drums; Jerry Metzger, Vocalist;  Doug Allen, guitar; Ray McCann, Vocals; Brad Baxter, Bass; and Scott Batchelder, drums.

John "Flash" Gordon, December 2006

The Pied Pipers - Image Courtesy of Stan Price and John Gordon
After a very warm summer, the cool crisp fall weather came on very suddenly, especially with the nights turning cold and clear!  The moon and the stars shown brightly against the dark background of the night sky.  With fall comes football, and with the high school stadium just down the street, and on every Thursday, Friday and Saturday night there are the sounds of marching bands, loud cheering and the sound of the referee's whistle, filling the night air!

On one such night in the fall of my senior year of high school, we had a game with a rival school that we were tied for first place with.  It was a Saturday and there was no school.  It was about noon when I got out of bed, I had played a gig the night before, with my rock band the Pipers, so I didn't get to bed until about 3:30 in the morning.  The job was in Bremerton, which was across the Puget Sound and the ferries didn't run that late so I had to drive around to get home.  Usually I’d stay the night in a motel, but with the game the next night I decided I wanted to sleep in my own bed and get a good nights rest! It was a good thing that I did go home, because the rest of the guys in my band stayed in a motel and partied until the sun came up!

John "Flash" Gordon, December 2006

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The Pied Pipers - Image Courtesy of Stan Price and John Gordon

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Credits:  Stan Price, John Gordon, Gene Goosman, Jill Harrison, Ronee Poyneer
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