Blue Mountain Eagle - 1972    Photo by Saulius Pempe, Provided Courtesy of Gordon (Gordy) Kjellberg
Blue Mountain Eagle
Oregon ~ Washington ~ California
1969 ~ 1977


Scott  Barbee ~ Keyboards, Bass
Mark Booth ~ Elec. Violin, Keyboards
Doug Casady ~ Vocals, Bass
Gary Church ~ Bass
Robb Clarke ~ Vocals, Harp
Joe Cox ~ Bass
Randy Fuller ~ Bass, Guitar
Mark Gallagher ~ Vocals
Chip Hayes ~ Drums
Bill Hornibrook ~ Vocals, Keys
Bob "B.J." Jones ~ Guitar
Gordie Kjellberg ~ Lead Guitar, Vocals
Vern Kjellberg (aka Joey Newman) ~ Guitar, Keyboards
John Morris ~ Guitar
Jim Pompeo ~ Drums
Don Poncher ~ Drums
David Price ~ Guitar
Bob Salterelli ~ Guitar and Saxophone
Chris Stevens ~ Guitar
Eddy Young ~ Drums


Alan Quinn ~ Roadie

In Memory of

Gary Church
Bob "B.J." Jones

BJ passed away in his home in Sioux Falls, SD on Friday night or early Saturday morning, (14/15 June 2013).  He continued to bless us with his amazing guitar skills and wonderful voice right up to the week before he passed.  BJ truly will be missed!

Valerie VanDeVeire, June 2013

The top photo was taken in 1972 by Saulius Pempe at the Warehouse Tavern on Westlake Avenue, Seattle WA. A crazy looking picture, but was Saulius's idea and we went for it. To make the group members easier to identify from the rest, we were planning to have the members colorized at some time but it never happened.

The five group members are pictured middle-center - left to right, Gary Church "RIP", Gordy Kjellberg and Bill Hornibrook.  Seated in front is Robb Clarke and Chip Hayes standing with the bull whip. This was Seattle's first Blue Mountain Eagle and features the same members as in the below color photograph. The color photo was taken in Canada and sometime in 1973.

The Buffalo Springfield changed their name to Blue Mountain Eagle in 1969 when different band members quit and different members hired.  My brother, Vern (AKA Joey Newman) Kjellberg, was one of three guitarists in the first California based Blue Mountain Eagle.  They put out an album on Atlantic/Atco Records in 1969 and the group broke up in 1970.  I asked Mike Zalk (Blue Mountain Eagle California group manager) and my brother Vern if I could use the group name in 1971, they said yes and the first Seattle based Blue Mountain Eagle was formed.

Gordon (Gordy) Kjellberg, April 2011

David Price, Randy Fuller, Bob (BJ) Jones, Vern (AKA Joey Newman) Kjellberg and Don Poncher - 1969
The above photo is an early California-based Blue Mountain Eagle photo. It was taken in 1969.  Randy was the bass player in his brothers group, The Bobby Fuller Four,who had the hit song "I Fought The Law".

Bob (BJ) Jones, Vern (AKA Joey Newman) Kjellberg, Don Poncher, Randy Fuller and David Price
This is another early California-based photo of  Blue Mountain Eagle taken in 1969.  Members are identified below the photo.  The identity ofthe young boy in the photo is uncertain.

Gordon (Gordy) Kjellberg, April 2011

Blue Mountain Eagle in 1976 - Photo Courtesy of Joe Cox
Top:  Joe Cox, Scott Barbee, Mark Gallagher, Chris Stevens
Bottom:  Joe Pompeo, Mark Booth
1975 or After

Chip Hayes, Rob Clarke, Gary Church, Gordy Kjellberg, Bill Hornibrook
Blue Mountain Eagle - 1970's

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Credits: Fuzz, Acid & Flowers, Brian Semple, Don Rogers, Gary Church, Joe Cox, Robb Clarke, Delene Brandt, Alan Quinn, Gordon (Gordy) Kjellberg, Valerie VanDeVeire

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