Cheyanne in 1970 - Image courtesy of Eric Burgeson
David Christensen, Lee Perkins, Howard Walter, Gene Nygaard, & Eric Burgeson
Cheyanne in 1970 - Image courtesy of Eric Burgeson

aka: Cold Power, Cheyanne
Spokane-Seattle, Washington
1970 ~ Present


Rick Baldwin ~ Drums
Eric Burgeson ~ Guitar
David Christensen ~ Keyboards
Danny Haines ~ Guitar
Donnarae "Gsaby" Johnson ~ Vocals
John Morris ~ Guitar
Gene Nygaard ~ Guitar
Lee Perkins ~ Bass
Perry White ~ Drums
Scott Rosburg ~ Guitar
Joe Shikany ~ Guitar
Rick Spano ~ Drums
Howard Walter ~ Drums
Perry White ~ Drums
Randy Widener ~ Bass
Don Wilhelm ~ Keyboards, Guitar


Alan Quinn ~ Roadie

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In Memory of

Joe Shikany
d:  18 August 2008
Seattle Post Intelligencer

Shyanne - 1984
Available at Retrospect Records

Photo Courtesy of Eric Burgeson
The original Cheyenne lineup that played at Joe Shikany's memorial.
Lee Perkins, Eric Burgeson, Gene Nygaard, David Christensen, and Howard Walter.

Shyanne in June of 1985 - Photo courtesy of Donnarae Johnson and Lynn DeBon.  Photo by Lynn DeBon
John Morris, Eric Bergeson, Donnarae (Gaby) Johnson, Rick Spano, Lee Perkins - Shyanne in June 1985
Photo by Lynn DeBon

David Christensen, Howard Walter, Lee Perkins, Eric Burgeson, Joe Shikany - 1973

Rick Baldwin, Lee Perkins, Joe, Shikany, Scott Rosberg, David Christensen - 1975

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Shyanne - Photo Courtesy of Candy Lentz
Shyanne - Photo Courtesy of Candy Lentz

Shyanne - Photo By:  David Stawitcke
Photo By:  David Stawitcke

Shyanne - Photo courtesy of Janet Dowling

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Credits:  Perry White, Bill Majkut, Brian Morrical, Randy Solvang, Darryl Riffero, Norm Peterson, Joe Shikany, Candy Lentz, Donnarae Johnson, Gene Nygaard, Leeroy Perkins, Dennis Coile, Alan Quinn, Eric Burgeson, Lynn DeBon, Janet Dowling

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