Richard Stepp, Jim Fraser, Rick Clark, and Neil James Harnett
Vancouver, British Columbia
1976 - 1977


George Chapelas ~ Bass
Rick Clark ~ Drums
Jim Fraser ~ Bass, Vocals
Neil James Harnett ~ Guitar, Vocals
Glenn Hendrickson ~ Drums
Marshall Hunt ~ Bass
Ali Monroe ~ Keyboards
Ray O'Toole ~ Guitar
Richard Stepp ~ Guitar, Piano, Vocals

Roger Stomperud ~ Roadie, Driver

In Memory of

Gunnar Roger Stomperud
d:  4 July 2008
George Chapelas

Shakedown was former Northwest Company drummer Richard Stepp's latest project.  Dropped by Mushroom Records, he had just been picked up by Casino Records (Chilliwack, Diamond Joe White, The Foreman Young Band and others), and assembled this group in early 1976 to play the club circuit around BC and Alberta.

The original line-up was Richard Stepp-lead vocal, rhythm guitar, piano and lead vocals; Jim Fraser-bass and vocals; Rick Clark-drums; and Neil James Harnett-lead guitar and lead vocals.

This line-up recorded some demo tracks at Can-Base Studios (soon to be Mushroom Studios). These tracks have recently been remastered from original 15 ips tapes by Si Garbor.  Subsequent recordings were done in Edmonton Alberta at Sundown Studios, and a single was released in early summer 1977.

 By this time the group's line-up had changed: Harnett was replaced by former NW Company guitarist Ray O'Toole, and Fraser's bass spot was taken over by a future RCMP officer named Marshall Hunt.  New to the group was also classically trained and jazz inspired keyboardist Ali Monroe.  Shakedown did a number of TV shows and concerts, including Chuck Berry, Chilliwack, Long John Baldrey, and Trooper.  Further changes that fall saw Glenn Hendrickson take over on drums (former United Empire Loyalists/Mock Duck), and George Chapelas (Night Train Review / Black Snake (Blues Band)) on bass. Shakedown was booked through Bruce Allan Talent, managed by Randy Taylor, and produced by Andy DiMartino.  Roger Stomperud was the roadie/driver, and worked the sound and lights. The group disbanded late November 1977.

Roger Stomperud, October 2001, September 2003

45    Good To Have You/Driving Down The Freeway - Casino Records (1977)

Shakedown - Photo Courtesy of Roger Stomperud
Shakedown was managed by Randy Taylor, in partnership with David Palmer, hence the Palmer/Taylor Management on the promo shot.  We played Gary Taylor's club on Hornby Street a couple of times. Gary was involved in managing the Foreman-Young Band, which also recorded for Ray Pettinger's Casino label

Randy Taylor, August 2003

Marshall Hunt, Rick Clark, Ali Monroe, Richard Stepp, and Ray O'Toole
Photo from an edition of The Georgia Straight

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Credits: Roger Stomperud (R.I.P.), Randy Taylor, Steve Cartmell
Band # 608