Northwest Company
Haney, British Columbia
1967 ~ 1974


Zak August ~ Guitar
Leslie Law ~ Guitar
Rick McCartie ~ Vocals
Ray O'Toole ~ Guitar
Jerry Ringrose ~ Drums
Vidar Skofteby ~ Guitar
Gowan Jorgenson ~ Bass
Brent Shindell ~ Guitar
Dan Smith ~ Guitar
Richard Stepp ~ Drums, Vocals

Roger Stomperud ~ Roadie

In Memory of

Gunnar Roger Stopmerud
d:  4 July 2008

Gowan Jorgenson, Richard Stepp, and Ray O'Toole
Northwest Company - Fall of 1970

Gowan Jorgenson - NW Company opening for The Guess Who

The long awaited Northwest Company CD has finally been released by Neptoon Records of Vancouver.. It features over 20 tracks and covers the full length of their career (1966-1973). You can see it here:
April 2003
The Northwest Company had a member move on to Blue Northern, featuring Billy Cowsill on vocals.

Larry Niven, February 2004

Northwest Company - Image courtesy of Gunnar Roger Stomperud

Northwest Company
Now Available at Neptoon Records


45    Hard To Cry/Get Away From It All      Grenadier Records (1967)
45    The End Is Autumn/Eight Hour Day    London Records (1967)
45    Time For Everyone/She's A Woman    Apex Records (1968)
45    Can You Remember?/Sunday Song    Apex Records (1969)
45 Rock And Roll Lover Man/Let It All      Coast Records (1971)
45    (Everybody's Got To) Care/Don't Hear Me Complain    Coast Records (1971)
45    Sweet Suzy (The Bandit)/There Ain't Nothing Wrong With Rock And Roll     Stamp Records (1973)
45    You On My Mind/If Heartaches Could Kill Me  (unreleased 1974)

LP    The History Of Vancouver Rock And Roll Volume 3    VRCA/Neptoon Records (ca.1984)
CD    The History Of Vancouver Rock And Roll Volume 4    VRCA/Neptoon Records (ca.1992)

Artist:  Bob Masse -1969

Artist:  Chris Blade, 69-70

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Last Update:  21 September 2008
Credits:  Jon Murphy, Darryl Riffero, Ed Nadorozny, Roger Stomperud, Julie Lowney, Larry Niven, Dan Smith, Rick McCartie

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