Seattle, Washington
1960's  ~ 1970's


Kelly Bain ~ Drums
Randy Bennett ~ Bass
Pat Clausing ~ Keyboards, Vocals
Dick Gerber ~ Guitar
Pat Hues ~ Keyboards
Mike Kelly ~ Drums
Karl Peters ~ Drums
Bruce Robertson ~ Vocals
Gary Ruhl ~ Bass
Paula Tutmarc/Johnson ~ Vocals
Ron Ussery ~ Saxophone, Vocals

Michael A Barrett ~ Booking Agent, Equipment Manager

In Memory of

Karl Peters (1944 - 2003)

Paula Tutmarc/Johnson (d:  6 March 2013

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Last Update:  6 March 2013
Credits:   Brian Semple, James Bush, Denny Gore, Bruce Robertson, Mike Barrett, Gary Ruhl, Paula Tutmarc/Johnson, Bob Theriault, Rick Course, Pat (Clausing) Hues, Peter Blecha

Band # 179