Jeannette Tennant (top center)  Photo by Chandler Keeler (1950 - 2011)
Teen Angel & The Rockin' Rebels
Vancouver, British Columbia
1970's - 1979


Brenda Bennett ~ ?
Omar Bensonhurst III ~ Saxophone, Vocals
Neil Bettger ~ Saxophone, Vocals
Rick Booth ~ Bass
Joe Conroy ~ Guitar
'Fast Eddie' Mark Dean ~ Drums, Bass, Vocals
'Teen Angel' Peter Dean ~ Lead Guitar, Vocals
Marc Gawthrop ~ Keyboards, Vocals
Harry Kalensky ~  Bass, Vocals
Cecille Larochelle-Stella ~ Vocals
Jack Lavin ~ Bass
Andy Laight ~ Bass
'Tiny' Gary MacArthur ~  Tambourine, Gourd, Vocals
Willie MacCalder ~ Keyboards
Kenneth Neville ~ Saxophone, Vocals
'Fingers' Reginald Pousse ~ Piano, Vocals
Doug Ross ~ Keyboards
Peter  "Snake" Sturges ~ Guitar
Jeannette Tennant ~ Vocals
'Slick Licks' John Thorsberg  ~ Guitar, Vocals
'Dee Dee' Maria West ~ Vocals
Darryl Webb ~ Saxophone
'Weasel' Ron Winters ~ Saxophone


Al Binks ~ Roadie
John "JD" Dean ~ Sound
Peter Sturges ~ Roadie
Pat Worsley ~ Roadie

In Memory of

'Tiny' Gary MacArthur

 “Teen Angel Commercial for A&W” on YouTube

Courtesy of Harry Kalensky
(Front) Harry Kalensky, Brenda Bennett, Pat Worsley (roadie), Marc Gawthrop, Al Binks (roadie) and Neil Bettger
(In the Pontiac) Mark Dean at the wheel & Cecile Larochelle coming up for air
(Back) John Thorsburg and Gary 'Tiny' MacArthur
Courtesy of Harry Kalensky

Courtesy of Harry Kalensky
Peter "Teen Angel" Dean, Marc Gawthrop
Niel Bettger,  Mark Dean, Harry Kalensky
Al Binks, John Thorsburg, Gary "Tiny" MacArthur, Pat Worsley
Cecile Larochelle, Brenda Bennett
Courtesy of Harry Kalensky

Photo by and Courtesy of Chandler Keeler (1950 - 2011)

Teen Angel & The Rockin' Rebels were actually fairly well known around Vancouver and played a lot of dances Members included:  Harry Kalensky, Brenda Bennett, Marc Gawthrop, Neil Bettger, Mark Dean, John Thorsburg and Gary 'Tiny' MacArthur.

Roadies were: Pat Worsley and Al Binks. Willie MacCalder was a member of Teen Angel who left to go to the Powder Blues Band, and Harry Kelensky was also in Trooper.

They had 2 LP's in the late 70's and recently had a reunion.

Jamie Anstey, February 2008

Darryl Webb is the saxophone musician in the above picture and also played on the Greasy Spoon album.  I ’m not sure if he recorded more albums but did tour with them several times.  He now is living on Vancouver Island and still playing.

Sara Reiser, July 2008

The photos on this page were taken very early on, prior to any popularity whatsoever in the Vancouver area.  The popularity of the band itself began in earnest in 1972 and the line-up was as follows:

'Teen Angel' Peter Dean, lead guitar and vocals (founding member)
'Fast Eddie' Paul Dean, drums (brother to Peter)
'Weasel' Ron Winters, saxophone
Doug Ross, keyboards
Harry Kalensky, bass
'Tiny' Gary MacArthur, vocals

The band had three albums released in the period '72-'74, and those albums were/are and released in this order...

1.  Teen Angel and the Rockin' Rebels
2.  12" of Teen Angel
3.  Greasy Spoon (Sample on TouTube)

They were recorded on the now defunct "Hellroaring" label at what is now Mushroom Studios in Vancouver.  Occasionally the albums pop up at used record stores but bear in mind, not many were produced in the first place and most were simply given away as a promotion, rather than a revenue gatherer.

By early 1974, the core group had disbanded leaving only front man Peter Dean at the helm.  Willie Macaulder had replaced Doug Ross on keyboards in 1974.  By 1976 it was all over.  The popularity of the rock revival music had waned, and core group members had either had real day jobs or went out and got one.  Add to that, the core "following" was also growing up.  There were no new fans to replace them.

Peter Dean aka Teen Angel, still performs today as a solo act.  Over the years he's used a variety of pseudonyms including 'Bob Marlowe' for some strange reason.  He will occasionally bill himself as 'Teen Angel' but more often than not, will use his real name, Peter Dean.  He now bears a striking resemblance to Kenny Rodgers and incorporates a Kenny Rodgers tribute in his show.

Dave Marskell, Vancouver, B.C., May 2008

 In 1976 we were still going strong. The actual disbandment occurred in 1979, when Peter Dean stepped off the stage and I left the band.

From 1974 - 1979 we were working 50 weeks a year performing three one-hour sets, six nights a week across the country.

Over the decade, I have calculated as many as 35 musicians and vocalists doing turns in Teen Angel.

The band's actual performance peak was in 1978 with the following line-up:

Peter Dean - Teen Angel (Guitar & Vocals)
Mark Dean - Fast Eddie (Drums & Bass Vocals)
Gary MacArthur - Tiny (Tambourine, Gourd & Vocals)
Harry Kalensky - (Bass & Vocals)
John Thorsborg - Slick Licks (Guitar & Vocals)
Neil Bettger - Kenneth Neville Omar Bensonhurst III ((KNOB)) (Sax & Vocals) Marc Gawthrop - Reginald "fingers" Pousse (Piano & Vocals) Cecille Larochelle - Stella (Vocals) Maria West - Dee Dee (Vocals)

Marc Gawthrop , May 2009

My name is Andy Laight. I played bass for Teen Angel and the Rockin Rebels between 1972 an 1975.  My three minutes of fame was this tune, from the album "Greasy Spoon," on which I sang the lead vocal.

Andy Laight, November 2012

 by David Oberman. All rights are reserved. Copying, altering or redistribution without written permission is strictly prohibited.
Photo by and Courtesy of David Oberman
by David Oberman. All rights are reserved. Copying, altering or redistribution without written permission is strictly prohibited.

Late in 1972 I was living near Kits Beach in Vancouver and one circle of friends I hung out with included both Gary 'Tiny' MacArthur and Pat Worsley, and that's how I was introduced to Teen Angel and the Rockin' Rebels.  I wasn't a big fan, but Gary (never called him Tiny), my future wife and I were very good friends so I started to follow the band.

I saw Gary shortly before his very untimely passing, never thinking he would be gone before reaching 40 years of age.  We always had a good time when we were together and we miss him still.

In the 1970’s I was establishing my photographic business and in 1973 I did some work for Teen Angel and the Rockin' Rebels.  My photo sessions with them included a session for their album 12" of Teen Angel (that's my photo on the back of the album) and a session for some promotional materials.  I also have a couple of sets of photos of the group (as it was composed in early 1973)  taken in Stanley Park, lots of live performance shots and individual shots of band members. Most of the photos have never been published to date (2013)

David Oberman, June 2013
New Westminster, BC

My name is Peter Sturges, aka “Snake”.  Although listed as a roadie on this page, I actually played guitar and sang for much of my time with Teen Angel.

 I was recruited by Ron Winters, the original sax player, as we had played together in previous bands. In late 1974, he and some other original band members were leaving and the band was in transition. There was Peter, Mark, Gary, Andy and a hippie piano player whose name I can’t recall.

I recruited Mark Gawthrop to replace him, someone found Darrel, and we rebuilt the band as a club act.  We did a national A&W commercial and then had a very successful national tour.

However, my guitar playing was not keeping up with the band’s growing musicianship, so I moved to sound and lights.  I was replaced by Joe Conroy.

I left the band in early 1976.

Peter Sturges, March 2014, Honolulu, HI

Courtesy of Eric Vance

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