SUndae FUnnies - Photo courtest of Andrea Miller and Gary WIlliams
Gary Williams, Marshall Trover, Jerry Miller, Joy Miller -1966
Sundae Funnies
Maple Valley, Washington
1966 - 1970


Jerry Miller ~ Guitar, Keyboards, Vocals
Joy Miller ~ Bass, Vocals
Marshall Trover ~ Guitar, Vocals
Gary Williams ~ Drums


Dennis Osthus ~ Roadie


Bill Goodwin
George Raffle

In Memory of

Jerry Miller
George Raffle

We were together from about 1966 through 1970.  We won the 1968 battle of the bands at the Seattle center in 1968, winning a recording contract, and a bunch of Vox Equipment.  The songs we recorded were "Baby I Could be so Good at Loving You" and "See Things My Way".  It was on the Uni Label.  The guy who produced it was, "Greg Norman Ratner".   Yes, its the same guy who produced (the Leaves) "Hey Joe"

I was also the drummer for Kiss Porky in 1973 and was with the band when we did a recording session at Kay-Smith Studios, when the "Butts Band"  was in the other studio doing a session.  Over the years I've also played with:  Mercenary, Silverlode, Spike Heel and the Platform Souls, and that was just the '70's.

Gary Williams, 11 May 2003

Marshall and I played in a band later down the road called "The Loco Brothers" with Larry Fisher and Pat Henry..   We were the house band at ANGELO'S Tavern in Renton, Washington...for almost a year. Great gig!  Fun Band 1971-1972

Gary Williams, August 2006

The song, "See Things My Way" was a Trover original.

I created several posters and a "logo" that we scribbled here and there as we traveled around the PNW.  Highlights were playing at Lake Hills with Merrilee and the Turnabouts, and at a high school located on 85th N, just off I-5, with Bread.  We also played with the Archies at Tiffany's Skate Inn in Kent. I think the crowd liked us better...

Joy Miller was my girlfriend.  Jerry Miller, her brother, and Marshall Trover, their cousin.  And then add Gary Williams, a local Maple Valley kid, on drums.

Dennis Osthus, May & June 2007

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Gary Williams, Dennis Osthus, Andrea Miller, Malone Schwartz
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