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The Vancouver Accents at Oil Can Harry's in 1966 - Photo Courtesy of Cory Steuart
The Accents at Oil Can Harry's in 1966
Oil Can Harry's
752 Thurlow Street
Vancouver, British Columbia

Some of the bands that played at Oil Can Harry's during those great years of NW music were:

The Vancouver Accents
Nat Adderly
B.B. King
Black & White Affair
Donald Byrd and the Blackbirds
Blue Mountain Eagle
Brave Belt
The Brotherhood
Burgundy Express
The Centaurs
Cheech & Chong (Comedy Performance)
The Coasters
Cold, Bold and Together
Cooking Bag
Crack of Dawn
Crosstown Bus
Dave Lewis
Dick and Dee Dee
Dizzy Gillespie
Domenic Troiano
The Drifters
Eberhard Weber
The Epics
Family Affair
The Fox
Gary Burton
Gino Young and the Young Hawaians
The Genuine Jug Band
The Good Shepherds
Jimi Hendrix
Gil Scott Heron 
Kentish Steele & The Shantelles
Les McCann
McLean & McLean
Charles Mingus
The Neon Lighted People
Tom Petty
Night Train Revue
The Nocturnals
Pat Metheny
The Pied Pipers
Randy Hansen's Machine Gun
Savoy Brown
The Shantelles
The Shockers
Soul Unlimited
The Stags
Stallion Thumbrock
Stark Naked and The Car Thieves
Steve Swallow
Edwin Starr
Teen Angel
Ike &Tina Turner
Tower of Power
Vancouver Playboys

The Villans
The Viscounts


Oil Can Harry's
(Photo Courtesy of Larry Warcup)

Night Train Revue at Oil Can Harry's

Danny Baceda - 1970  - Owner, Oil Can Harry's 
(Courtesy of Larry Warcup)

Danny Baceda with Frank Hoot at Oil Can Harry's - October 1966
(Courtesy of Larry Warcup)
Also pictured are:  Dave Lewis Trio, including Dave Lewis (Hammond B3) seated, Dicky Enfield (drums), and Joe Johansen (guitar).

Danny Baceda in his office at Oil Can Harry's
(Courtesy of Larry Warcup)

OIL CAN HARRYS was later known as Outlaws, the THE METRO, but unfortunatley it burnt to the ground in the early ninties, and is now a parking lot.  Many bands played that stage in impromtu jams, such as Motley Crue, Aerosmith, Bon Jovi, Blue Murder, and many more.

Nick Cardarelli, December 2005

Oil Can Harry's never burnt to the ground - the building was demolished to make way for a highrise.

Ron Simmonds, July 2006


Twitch, a local rock group known for it's bizarre stage show, theatrics and theme inspired fast rock,played Oil Cans several times.

In one part of the show.the drummer, Mike Brown, was shot from a platform with a fake revolver and dove (fell) over the drum kit on a riser and landed writhing around in "pain" on the stage next to the rest of the band spewing fake blood.  When the "bullets" hit him, a pressurized blood bag hidden in his mouth exploded for effect.

Although that and the rest of the show was very successful even after seeing it several times including Grey cup weekend, the owners at the time were never able to erase or paint the "blood stains" off the wall until it was demolished..

Picture is on myspace and then found in the Twitch archives

Ian Steeksma, December 2006

This brings back so many great memories.

I played in Black & White Affair at Oil Can Harry's in 1973 & 1974.  This was one of my favorite places to play.  They had three rooms with therr bands.

We played the main room and it was always jumping.

Bob Speer, December 2008

Back in the early 70's I was lead vocalist for the 8-piece horn band Granville.  We opened for acts like El Chicano & The Witches Brew. Playing Oil Can's was a blast.  It was the A room of the 70's in my opinion.  All the Big Vancouver Acts played there at one time.

We also did our own shows in Dirty Sals, What a great club. Fond memories for me.  I know Granville was proud to be a part of Oil Can Harry's History.

Terry Raible, January 2009

The band that did the grand opening downstairs was a jug band called "The Supper Time Jug" it still exists and is in Langley under the name The Genuine Jug Band.

Doug Fraser, November 2010

Oil Can Harry's did not become Outlaws.  Outlaws was a separate venue on Georgia near an old church that remains to this day.

Mark Mushet, July 2011

I played pretty regularly at "Oil Cans" from 1971 to 1973 as the bass player with the horn band "Mantra" which was many of the same members as "Soul Unlimited" after Carl Graves left the band.

We played the Back Room which was a pretty big venue and Danny Baceda was often in the front row.  Oil Can Harrys was a blast to play.

Bob Douglas, January 2014

I was the Sound Mixer for Ike and Tina Turner.   I did one show at Oil Can Harry's in Sep 1973.


Keith Woods, February 2014

Crack of Dawn played Oil Can Harry's in 1975.  We were recording Artists wth Columbia Records and were touring Western Canada,  It was a great venue and thoroughly enjoyed the intimate club-like atmosphere

Alvin Jones, August 2014

As a door man at both the Cave and Oil Can Harry’s I saw a lot of great groups.  Two that were missing from the Oil Can Harry’s list are “Teen Angle” and “Brave Belt” who later became BTO

Steve Chambers, October 2014

The Vancouver Accents at Oil Can Harry's - Ad clipping courtesy of Cory Steuart

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