Night Train Revue
Vancouver, British Columbia
1963 ~ 1971
1986 - ?


Paul Barron ~ Trumpet
George Chapelas ~ Bass
Chuck Cliff ~ Organ
Suzanne Cliff ~ Vocals
Doug Cuthbert ~ Drums
Billy Dixon ~ Vocals
Dennis Esson ~ Trombone
Chuck Flintroy ~ Vocals
Lovena Fox ~ Vocals
Donnie Gerrard ~ Vocals
Bill Hallett ~ Trumpet
Tony Harris ~ Vocals
Chuck Hintrov ~ Vocals
Al Johnson ~ Vocals
Ron Johnson ~ Trombone
Bill Keyes ~ Saxophone
Kenny McColl ~ Vocals
Lorne McGee ~ Guitar
Ray Marquis ~ Bass
Wayne Morris ~ Saxophone
Sy Risby ~ Vocals
Larry Volen ~ Saxophone
Bill Wheeler ~ Guitar

Jimmy Knight ~ Vocals
Guest Singer on the recording:  "Give Me the Right to Stay"

In Memory of

Lorne McGee
George Chapelas

I am the drummer of the Night Train Revue from 1963-1971 and the revival of 1981 and the reunion of 1986 and up to 1992. I am glad you have given a platform for the documentation of the history of our part of the world.

Doug Cuthbert, March 2005

Poster image courtesy of Dave MacPhail

Night Train Revue at the Hellenic Cultural Center in Vancouver - 2005

Lovena Fox, Dave Vidal, Bill Wheeler, Wayne Morris, Brian Harrison, Bill Hallett

Lovena Fox, Sy Risby and Ms. Suzanne

Wayne Morris, Bill Hallett, Danny Kane, Kent Wallace and Coat Cook

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