Crosstown Bus - Photo Courtesy of Dave Jonsson
Blair, Dave, Jeff, Brian
Crosstown Bus
Penticton/Vancouver, British Columbia
1970 - 1974


Brian Anderson ~ Bass, Vocals
Bobby Blow ~ Keyboards
Jeff Boyne ~ Guitar, Lead Vocals
Nick Doktor ~ Drums
Jim Grant ~ Lead Guitar
Bob Heron ~ Guitar
Dave Jonsson ~ Drums, Vocals
Mike Kileen ~ Drums
Frank Ludwig ~ Keyboards, Vocals
Rob Sommerville ~ Keyboards
Blair Thornton  ~ Lead Guitar, Vocals

Crosstown Bus - Photo Courtesy of Brian Hughes and Harley Casson

This small poster shows The the Crosstown Bus of Nelson , B.C. ( later Penticton) posing in front of their vehicle.  The picture was taken in an Alley in Vancouver.  The Nelson Daily News in about 1968 did a feature article on the Band.  The group moved from Nelson to Vancouver graduating from a High School Band to  something more... I think the front page article was titled "A Magical Mystery Tour"

Harley Cassan, Calgary, May 2009

Released one album and single on MCA Records
LP: "Crosstown Bus"
Single: "High Grass"

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Last Update:  7 May 2010
Credits:  Dave Jonsson, Harley Casson, Brian Hughes, Bob Heron

Band # 1155