Vancouver, British Columbia
1970 ~ 1977


Brian Barrington ~  Guitar
Robbie Buchanan ~ Keyboards
Elliott ‘Syd’ Clarkson ~ Saxophone
Bob Douglas ~ Bass
Rod Ellard ~ Trombone
Drummond Eveleigh-Smith ~ Bass
Dick Fryatt ~ Keyboards
Warren Gill ~ Bass
Ken Grunenberg ~ Saxophone
Rick Hill ~ Drums
Dave Hunter ~ Guitar
Terry Iverson ~ Trumpet
Gary Kennedy ~ Drums
Gunther Klaus ~ Sax
Lee Lane ~ Keyboards
Al Lynch ~ Trumpet, Vocals
Russell Marsland ~ Guitar, Vocals
Bruce Norris ~ Trombone, Guitar
Wayne Pealo ~ Bass
Al Rempel ~ Bass
Colin Weinmaster ~ Trombone
Stan Williamson ~ Drums

In Memory of

Warren Gill  -  2010
Terry Iverson

Mantra 1975
Iverson, Hill, Gill, Clarkson, Marsland, Ellard, Lynch

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Last Update:  14 January 2014
Credits:  Ed Nadorozny, Warren Gill, Russell Marsland, Rick Hill, Chandler Keeler (R.I.P.), Bob Douglas

Band # 538