The New Breed - Photo by Chandler Keeler
The New Breed circa 1977 - By and Courtesy of Chandler Keeler
Peter Buchanan, Joani Bye, Russell Can, Randy Busby
Gabriel Mark Hasselbach, Peter Dalzell and  Alex Michie
New Breed
Vancouver, British Columbia
1966 - 1978


Frank Allison ~ Guitar
Mike Bailey ~ Drums
Ian Berry ~ Saxophone, Keyboards
Peter Buchanan ~ Vocals
Randy Busby ~ Drums
Joani Bye ~ Vocals
Russell Chan ~ Guitar
Warren Clark ~ Trumpet
Harold Collishaw ~  Trumpet, Organ
Ray Collishaw ~ Saxophone

B.J. Cook ~ Vocals
Peter Dalzell ~ Keyboards
Billy Dixon ~ Vocals
Chuck Gorling ~ Organ
Carl Graves ~ Vocals
Gabriel Mark Hasselbach ~ Trumpet, Flute
Lou Hoover ~ Drums
Jim McGillveray ~ Drums
Alex Michie ~ Saxophone
Darryl Miller ~ Drums
Wayne Morice ~ Bass
Steve Pugsley ~ Bass
Kentish Steele ~ Vocalist
Joel Wade ~ Bass
Curtis Watts ~ Trombone
Ed Worst ~ Guitar
Jordie York ~ Guitar, Vocals

In Memory of

Ian Berry

The New Breed was together from 1966 to 1978, off and on,  with a number of changes.  They were one the house bands at Diamond Jim's in Vancouver for about 18 months between 1969 and 1971.  They recorded for the CBC with a 1/2 radio show and an album featuring BJ Cook who went from New Breed to form Skylark with her soon to be husband David Foster.  The later version of New Breed again was fortunate enough to have long house gigs for periods of 3 months to a year or so, then it was off to Hawaii and Japan where they played 7 nights a week.  They returned to the Vancouver club scene with an extended stay at the "Coach House" and a change of name and direction.  It was my extreme pleasure to perform with some of Vancouver's finest talent during those years.

Alex Michie, December 2003

Alex Michie, Warren Clark, Wayne Morice, Jim McGillveray, Ed Worst, Ian Berry, Billy Dixon
New Breed - CIrca 1969

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Credits: Alex Michie, Alan Davies, B.J. Cook, Wayne Morice, Chandler Keeler (R.I.P.), Chuck Gorling
Band # 1023