Smoke - Photo Courtesy of Marty Tuttle
Seattle, Washington
1974 - 1991


John Carmody ~ Guitar
Jim Coile ~ Tenor Saxophone
Rich Dangel ~ Guitar
Denny Goodhew ~ Alto Saxophone
Joe Guzman ~ Drums
Tim "Johnny Cocktail" Haines ~ Percussion, Vocals
Gus Mulvak ~ Guitar
Terry Selvidge ~ Drums
Marty Tuttle ~ Drums
Janette West ~ Vocals
Sarge West ~ Keyboards

In Memory of

Richard Dangel (1942 - 2002)
Sarge West (1942 - 2014

Sarge West

Jim Coile

Tim "Johnny Cocktail" Haines
Photo Courtesy of Tim Haines


Smoke performed as the House Band at the Scarlett Tree, Seattle, from 1988 through 1991.

Tim Haines, October 2002

Some of the other Pacific Northwest music groups represented in members of this group include: U.S. Mail, Ballin' Jack, Desolutes, Alive n Well, Sunflower, The Trolly, Foxfire, The Overnighters, Reality, The Wailers, Floating Bridge, Proof of Purchase, The Reputations, Butterbean, Sledgehammer and many others NW bands.

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Last Update: 1 April 2014
Credits:  Tim Haines, Billy McPherson (R.I.P.), Marty Tuttle, Terry Selvidge, John Carmody, Steve Metzker
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