Photo by Saulius Pempe
Kurt Kolstad, Robbie Jordan, Jeff Simmons, Rich Dangel, Tim Scott, Doug Canning, Bill Franklin

The Reputations
Seattle, Washington
1979 ~ 1987
Back Together Again in 2011


Doug Canning ~ Trumpet, Flugelhorn
Rich Dangel ~ Guitar
Bill Franklin ~ Saxophone
Jon Goforth ~ Saxophone, Woodwinds
Denny Goodhew ~ Saxophone, Woodwinds
 Doug Gore ~ Drums
Jimmy Holden ~ Keyboards
Rick Houle ~ Bass
Robbie Jordan ~  Saxophone
Kurt Kolstad ~ Drums
Mark Lindsay ~ Vocals
Dan McGee ~ Drums
Carson Michaels ~ Drums
Buddy Miles ~ Drums, Guitar
Diane Schuur ~ Vocals
Tim Scott ~ Bass
Jeff Simmons ~ Keyboards
Jay Thomas ~ Trumpet Saxophone

In Memory of

Richard Dangel
1942 - 2002

Robbie Jordan
d:  13 March 2010

Both Denney Goodhew and I were member as sax and woodwind players.  Jay Thomas also played with them for a bit, both on trumpet and sax.  Denney did the gig for a while at the Scarlet Tree, and I subbed for him until he gave the gig to me which I did it for a few years.

There were several years when the late, great Rich Dangel booked the room, which really was the best period of music at the Scarlet Tree.   The Scarlet Tree, or "Tree", was also known as "The Shrub" to all of us regulars.  Rich was pretty much in every band that played the Shrub  and his standards were pretty high.  I remember playing there when some great players came in…Mike Clark and Bill Sommers of Herbie Hancock's Headhunters came in (at different times).

Mike Clark sat in with "Alive & Well" twice.  He was at Jazz Alley playing with jazz pianist Peggy Stern, and following the gig Peggy brought him out to the Tree. He dug it so much that he took a taxi out the next night to sit in again. This was due in part to the whole band, but especially due to Kurt Kolstad's incredible drumming.  I was told George Benson showed up a couple of times. No surprise, really, with Rich being there.

During this period, the Reputations and Alive & Well were basically the same band.  The difference was mainly that Jimmy Holden played keys in the Reps, and Mike Jaap played keys in Alive & Well.   Rick Houle was Reps as well, as he did the gig for quite a while.  Rick is an exceptional bass player, originally from Minneapolis.

The first sets were always the best; later on in the evening, though there were some stellar moments, lost focus as did the members of the band…enough said.  But those were great times, great gigs.  Hardly any money, but HUGE fun from a musical standpoint. I'd go home at night totally keyed wanting to do it again. And we never rehearsed... Never!  When I first started with them, I'd turn to Rich and say, "How's this one go?" To which he would always reply, "You'll hear it." And I did. Hell, there was no way NOT to hear it, those guys were so strong.

Jon Goforth, April 2013

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Credits: Kurt Kolstad, Tim Scott, Billy McPherson R.I.P.), Carson Michaels Steve Metzker, Dan McGee

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