Little Bill and the Bluenotes - 1958, Courtesy of Frank Dutra
Buck Ormsby, Lassie Aanes, and Little Bill
Frank Dutra, Buck Mann, Rockin Robin Roberts
(circa 1958 - Photo Courtesy of Frank Dutra)

 Little Bill & The Bluenotes
Tacoma, Washington
1958 ~ Present
Lassie Aanes ~ Drums
Patti Allen ~ Vocals
Brady Anderson ~ Guitar
Hadi Al’Saadoon ~ Trumpet
Keith Backman ~ Drums
Billy Barner ~ Drums
Jim Becker ~ Drums
Jho Blenis ~ Guitar
John Carmody ~ Guitar
Ken Cole ~ Keyboards
Rod Cook ~ Guitar
Brian Craig ~ Guitar
Gary Crooks ~ Guitar
Frank Dutra ~ Saxophone
Dickie Enfield ~ Drums
Bill Engelhart ~ Guitar, Bass
Buck England ~ B3 Keyboards
Tom Giving ~ Saxophone
Claude Hammond ~ Guitar
Pat Hues ~ Keyboards
Hans Ipsen ~ Guitar
Joe Johansen ~ Guitar
Jay Johansen ~ Guitar
Larry Jobe ~ Saxophone
Robbie Jordan ~ Saxophone
Russ Kammerer ~ Drums
Brian Kent ~ Saxophone
Jim King ~ Saxophone
Buck Mann ~ Saxophone
Dian Marshall ~ Vocals
Jim Michaelson ~ Saxophone
Tommy Morgan ~ Drums
Bud Morreset ~ Guitar
Buck Ormsby ~ Bass, Steel Guitar
Randy Oxford ~ Trombone
Lee Parker ~ Guitar
Greg Parman ~ Saxophone
Dick Powell ~ Harp, Keyboards
Jim Pribbenow ~ Saxophone
Robin Roberts ~ Vocals
Mark Riley ~ Riley
Tim Sherman ~ Guitar
Billy Stapleton ~ Guitar
Jill Wainsgard ~ Keyboards

In Memory of

Dickie Enfield (1993)
Claude Hammond (7 March 1940 - 2 June 2001)
Claude lost his battle with leukemia on June 2, 2001.  His music will remain in the heart of his family, and all who knew him.
Jay Johansen (2005)
Joe Johansen (d:  4 June 1997)
Robbie Jordan (2010)
Jim Michaelson (1980)
Bud Morreset
Lee Parker (25 April 1942 - 19 June 2010)
Robin Roberts
Hans Ipsen (d: January 2008)
Robbie Jordan (d:  15 March 2010)
Jay Johansen
Jho Blenis  (d:  31 May 2014)

I am one of the original Blue Notes who played Tenor Saxophone.  Little Bill and I started the Blue Notes in 1958. I found this picture of the original Blue Notes in a family album. This was taken at my grandparents house in Tacoma in 1958 before we recorded "I Love An Angel".

Frank Dutra, 21 March 2006

Bill's E-Mail

Little Bill - 2014 -  Courtesy of Little Bill Engelhart
Little Bill - 2014
Photo Courtesy of Little Bill Engelhart - 2014

Little Bill and The Bluenotes Circa 1958 with Rockin Robin Roberts

Little Bill in 1959

Robin Roberts with the Bluenotes

Little Bill at the Musicians Fund Music Festival benefit for Dean Tsaparlis (Tacoma, 4/26/2009)
Photo by and courtesy of Merri Sutton

Nancy Claire and Little Bill - 1960   Courtesy of Little Bill Engelhart

Little Bill Engelhart in 1960 - Courtesy of Little Bill

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