Alive and Well
Seattle, Washington
1975 ~ 1997


Tom Cox ~ Guitar
Rich Dangel ~ Guitar
Gretta Gaily ~ Vocals
Jon Goforth ~ Saxophone
Denny Goodhew ~ Saxophone
Bill (Boston Bob) Gray ~ Guitar
Keven Hall ~ Bass, Trumpet
Parke Hall ~ Saxophone
Sandy Harvey ~ Keyboards
Mike Jaap ~ Keyboards
Kurt Kolstad ~ Drums
Karla Malender ~ Vocals
Andrea Miller ~ Vocals
John Morton ~ Guitar
Chad Quist ~ Guitar
Dave Raynor ~ Guitar
Tim Scott ~ Bass
Libby Torrance ~ Vocals

In Memory of

Richard Dangel
1942 - 2002

Kurt Kolstad, John Morton, Libby Torrance, Mike Jaap

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Last Update: 19 September 2008
Credits: Kurt Kolstad, Ben Smith, Jenny Williams, Billy McPherson, Dave Raynor

Band # 278