Springfield Rifle
Seattle, Washington
1966 ~ 1975


Jeff Afdem ~ Saxophone
Terry Afdem ~ Keyboards
Dennis Ashbrook ~ Saxophone
Mark Bishop ~ Organ
Danny Brabant ~ Drums
Joe Cavender ~ Drums
Larry Duff ~ Trumpet, Trombone
Ron Hendee ~ Trumpet
Bob Perry ~ Bass
Dean Quackenbush ~ Trumpet
Dave Talbott ~ Bass
Marty Tuttle ~ Drums
Mark Whitman ~ Guitar
Harry Wilson ~ Guitar
Sam Wisner ~ Drums

Steve Montgomery ~ Manager (70-71)

In Memory of

Larry Duff

In 1970 - 1971 I managed The Crome Syrcus, Springfield Rifle, Bluebird, Chinook, before I went back into radio.

Steve Montgomery, March 2011

Photo Courtesy of Rod Nichols and Bob Dye

Top:  Larry Duff
Middle:  Mark Bishop, Sam Wisner, Dave Talbott, Mark Whitman
Bottom:  Dennis Ashbrook, Dean Quackenbush

This fine band evolved from The Dynamics

Springfield Rifle - Photo Courtesy of Sandy Weedman
Photo Courtesy of Sandy Weedman

This photo is from the 1969 Neconia yearbook, Columbia Basin College, in Pasco, Washington.
Harry Wilson, far left, was celebrating his 23rd birthday on March 21st, 1969.

Gary Behymer, January 2010

Sam Wisner, Dennis Ashbrook, Dave Talbott, Dean Quackenbush, Mark Whitman, Larry Duff, Mark Bishop
Photo Courtesy of Maridel Fliss

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Credits:  Darryl Riffero, Don Rogers, James Bush, H. Blair, Bill Majkut, Mark Whitman, Maridel Fliss, Dean Quackenbush, Marty Tuttle, Dave Talbott, Sandy Weedman, Bob Perry, Mark Bishop, Joe Cavender, Rod Nichols, Bob Dye, Gary Behymer, Steve Montgomery, Harry Wilson

Band # 0037