The Dynamics at the EMP Opening Seattle - 28 July 2000 - Courtesy of Richard Evans
Mark Doubleday, Keith Baggerly, Jeff Afdem, Pete Borg, Ron Woods, Larry Coryell, Jimmy Hanna,  & Harry Wilson  (not shown Terry Afdem & J.C. Reick )

The Dynamics
AKA:  Keynotes
Seattle, Washington
1959 - 1966


Jeff Afdem ~ Saxophone
Terry Afdem ~ Keyboards
Pete Borg ~ Bass
Larry Coryell ~ Guitar
Mark Doubleday ~ Trumpet
Wally Giffin ~ Guitar
Randi Green ~ Vocals
Jimmy Hanna ~ Vocals
Bob Johnston ~ Vocals
Tom Larson ~ Vocals
Jim Manolides ~ Bass
J.C. Reick ~ Keyboards
Larry Smith ~ Drums
Gary Snyder ~ Bass
Jerry Strong ~ Vocals
Tracy Townsend ~ Drums
Dave Williams ~ Guitar
Harry Wilson ~ Guitar
Ron Woods - Drums

The Dynamics later evolved into Springfield Rifle

In Memory of

Mark Doubleday
D: 1 May 2004
Niels Peter Borg
November 1944 - August 2010

Niels Peter Borg

Niels Peter Borg, born November 11, 1944 and always known as "Pete", passed away on August 18, 2010 from a head injury sustained in a fall in his driveway.

Pete was a musician and played bass with The Dynamics for several years during their international recognition.

He built a 40' sailboat - the "Florence M" - and sailed her to Honolulu where he lived and worked with his boat.

Pete was an accomplished painter. He was a member of the senior citizens group in Everett, WA for whom he painted and to whom he gave a huge Northwest painting, enjoyed by many, a gift to his "clubhouse".

He was always accompanied by "Muffin", his little Shih Tzu who now lives with a friend of Pete's since the second grade.  Peter had an inborn quality of making other people feel good. He will be missed by many.

Everett HeraldNet

Published in The Herald (Everett) on August 25, 2010

Photo Courtesy of Bob Jones

The Dynamics with Jimmy Hanna 1960 - 1965
Available at
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The Dynamics in 1959

The Dynamics in 1959 - Image Courtesy of Wally Giffin
The Dynamics in 1959 - Image Courtesy of Wally Giffin

The Dynamics in 1959 - Image Courtesy of Wally Giffin
The Dynamics in 1959 - Image Courtesy of Wally Giffin
Terry Afdem and I became friends when he was my keyboard teacher in 1964.  We hit it off, and in 1965, he started calling me to sit in for him when he couldn't make a gig…  This was during the “heyday” of “the Dynamics with Jimmy Hanna…”  What a group!!!  Great music…  While my tenure with the group was sporadic and short-lived, it did leave an indelible mark on me, my music, my career, and who I am as a person…  The confidence this experience instilled in me has served me well throughout my life/career…  I've often wondered if Terry ever knew how important his “relationship” with me was…  I know the other bands I played in during this time period (i.e., the Liberty Party, Enchanters, Merrilee Rush, etc.) benefited from my relationship with Terry and my experience playing with the Dynamics…  I still think R&B is the best….

Dr. Mike Robbins, November 2005

Ron Woods, Gary Snyder, Mark Doubleday, Jeff Afdem, 
Terry Afdem and Harry Wilson

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