The Adventurers - 1959 - Courtesy of Art Pease
Joe Johansen, Bill Hahn, Art Pease, Keith Shoemaker, and Wayne Rolf -1959
The Adventurers
Seattle, Washington
1959 ~ 1961


Brady Anderson ~ Guitar
Evan "Brownie" Brown ~ Drums
Nancy Claire ~ Vocals
Bill Engelhart ~ Vocals
Buck England ~ Keyboards
Don Gardner ~ Drums
Bill Hahn ~ Bass, Trumpet
Joe "Jo Jo" Johansen ~ Guitar
Dave Kennedy ~ Keyboards
Bernie Ledinas ~ Drums
Jim Michaelson ~ Saxophone
Art Pease ~ Drums
Wayne Rolf ~ Keyboards
Keith Shoemaker ~ Saxophone
Steve Valley ~ Guitar
Tommy Vallison ~ Drums

In Memory of

Bill Hahn
Joe Johansen
d:  4 June 1997
Jim Michaelson

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The Boy Next Door

Nancy Claire - 1962
Image courtesy of Carolyn (Berner) Yadon - The Champagnes 1964-1966, The Shalimars (1966-1967)

In 1959 I was working at Boeing and looking for a way to quit and get a job drumming. I met a guy at work who had a friend that was a member of the Adventurers. He told the band he knew a guy who had drums and a meeting was set. The deal was that they were the back-up band for Jockey John Stone and he was headed for American Band Stand. I played several jobs with them but was out of my league at that time. At a job out in the boon-docks they were pushing me to "get with it" and I stuck a stick through the snare. The rest of the night was a bust as far as I was concerned and I think for them also.

As I heard a short time later after the "Payola investigation" began, the Band Stand deal was off when Stones record dropped way down.

I left them a short time later and joined a group that was started by a guy named Ramirez.

Don Gardner, May 2007

Little Bill Englehart sang the vocals on "Louie Louie" with the Adventurers.

Bill Hahn and I played together until 1979 when he moved to California, where he died in about 1980-81.  We had a club band, mostly trio, called "The Classics" with a piano player named Dorin Robinson. We were together from 1967 to 1979.  There is no relationship to the other band on this site named the "Classics", aka "CFUN Classics" 1962-1966.

Art Pease, Drums 1959 - 1960

Brady Anderson, Nancy Clair, Jim Michaelson and Bill Haun. Not shown, Tommy Valisen on drums.
The above is the group I sang with after I left the Blue Notes.

Little Bill Engelhart, July 2014

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Credits: Seattle Area Bands, Jeff Miller, Darryl Riffero, Brady Anderson, Little Bill Engelhart, Don Gardner, Art Pease, Carolyn (Berner) Yadon), Tammy Valley, Malcolm Kennedy, Bill Engelhart

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