Wakefield Manor
Tacoma, Washington
1978 ~ 1988


Bruce Anderson ~ Guitar, Vocals
Nancy Anderson ~ Vocals
Steve Barone ~ Bass
Jim "J.D." Boggs ~ Bass, Vocals
Danny Brewer ~ Guitar, Vocals
Lonnie Flemmer ~ Guitar, Base, Vocals
Pat Haagen ~ Guitar, Vocals
Leonard Harris ~ Drums
Rich House ~ Guitar, Sax
Bob Hausenbuiller  ~ Keyboards
Matt Jenkins ~ Keyboards, Vocals
Kris Knowlton ~ Bass
Fred Parks ~ Bass
Barbara Ronk ~ Vocals, Percussion
Durbin Ronk ~ Bass, Vocals
Ken Ronk ~ Drums, Vocals
Mike Skansi ~ Guitar
Doug Waterbury ~ Drums
Rick Williams ~ Keyboard, Vocals

The Crew

Marguerite Flemmer ~ Lights
Hank Montgomery ~ Sound
Del Flemmer ~ Photography
Bill Knox ~ Graphics

Special Thanks to Jerry Kline & Leonard Spencer

In Memory of

Jim "J.D." Boggs
Danny Brewer
Marguerite Flemmer
Durbin Ronk
Barbara Ronk
d:  1 Sep 2013

Mike Skansie


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Last Update:  6 August 2017
Credits:  Del Flemmer, Bobby "Hausenbuiller" Keyes, Steve Barone, Ken Ronk, Doug Waterbury

Band # 868