The Sonics
aka:  Chastels, Richard Kindle and the Fugitives, Jill and Co.
Raymond, Washington
1961 ~ 1965


Roger Dalbeck ~ Percussion
Ric Kindle ~ Guitar
Jerry May ~ Saxophone
Donn Mee ~ Guitar, Bass
Jill Monson ~ Vocals
Steve Rogers ~ Percussion
Danny Swanson ~ Piano
Rex Turner ~ Guitar
Wynn Turner ~ Saxophone
Gid White ~ Piano

In Memory of

Wynn Turner
Gid White

In Memory of our Friend

Joey Gurr  1950 - 2003

Jill & The Sonics in 1961

Jill & The Sonics, 1962

The Sonics from Raymond, Washington, formed independently of the Sonics from Lakewood, Washington.  It was the Lakewood Sonics who would later go on to a significant recording career starting with their first hit "The Witch".  When Andy Parypa of the Lakewood Sonics saw the photographs of the Sonics depicted above, he said "Their lead singer was prettier than ours" to which Donn Mee of the Sonics from Raymond said "I remember the first time I saw Bennett and the other Sonics was as the Grayland Community Hall in the summer of 1962....and they were ragin'.   I saw them a couple of times at the Armory in Aberdeen also.  And I am in agreement with Mister Parypa ....... we DID have the best lookin' singer in these here parts!"

Donn Mee, April 2002

I played keyboard (1964 Wurlitzer) for the Sonics (of Raymond) in '63-64 until I enlisted.  I believe we were also known as The Furies for a short time.

Gid Whte, October 2005

Sonics - 1961

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Last Update:   22 July 2018
Credits: Donn Mee, Gid White
Band # 0094