The Orbits - 1962
Gordie McGuiness, Gordie Pearson, Jim Rickey
Harry Van, Freddy Gator, Pat McElgunn

The Orbits
Vancouver, British Columbia
1957 - 1963 & 1987 - 1998

57 - 63

Gary Apted ~ Drums
Janet Bayo ~ Guitar
Fred Catakin ~ Guitar
Freddy Gator ~ Saxophone
Willie Harasymo ~ Saxophone
Gordie Kilner ~ Drums
Harry Kirkpatrick ~ Drums
Pat McElgunn ~ Bass
Gord McGuiness ~ Piano
Joni Moore ~ Vocals
Harley Navratil ~ Saxophone, Clarinet, Vocals
Gordie Pearson ~ Guitar, Vocals
Jim Ricky ~ Drums
Ralph Ronning ~ Bass
Harry Van ~ Guitar

In Memory of

Gordie McGuiness
Willie Harasymo
Lenny Skye
Pat McElgunn

The Orbits - 1958
Janet Bayo , Gordie McGuiness, Harley Navratil, Gordie Pearson, Harry Kirkpatrick

Gordon Pearson and Harry Van performing at Danceland in Vancouver.   Image courtesy of Gord and Lorne Pearson

The Orbits - 1962

Ken Lerner, Dave Wilson, Chris Wolfe and Rick Enns

87 - 98

Rick Enns ~ Bass, Vocals
Jamie Hayden ~ Drums
Dave Kalancha ~ Bass
Ken Lerner ~ Saxophone, Keyboards
Gord McGuiness ~ Piano
Glen Pearson ~ Bass
Gordie Pearson ~ Bass, Vocals
Lenny Skye ~ Bass
Larry Volen ~ Saxophone
Dave Wilson ~ Drums, Vocals
Chris Wolfe ~ Guitar, Vocals

The Orbits in 1989

The Orbits in 1995

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Last Update:   10 August 2013
Credits:   Ed Nodorozny, Chris Wolfe, Tom Cunningham, Pat McElgunn, Harley Navratil, Lorne Pearson, Gord Pearson

Band # 170