Ed Leckenby is on the far left.  George Guilmet is second from the right.
Mr. Clean & the Cleansers
AKA: Mr. Lee and the Exotics
Seattle, Washington
1964 - 1966


John Carmody ~ Guitar
Lee Davis ~ Vocals
Pete DePoe ~ Drums
  George M. Guilmet ~ Keyboards
John Kennedy ~ Drums
Ed Leckenby ~ Drums
Gus Molvik ~ Guitar
Ron Ozment ~ Bass
Clark Williams ~ Vocals

In Memory of

John Kennedy
Gus Molvik  d: 8 May 2012

John Carmody leaping on the right
George Guilmet is on the far left.  Pete Depoe is second from the right.

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Last Update:  28 May 2012
Credits: Jeff Miller, Billy Miller, Miriam Linna, Darryl Riffero, Marty Tuttle, Colleen Carmody, Pete DePoe, George M. Guilmet, Ph.D., Ron Ozment, Brett Miller

Mr. Clean & The Cleansers' "Think"
Available at
Norton Records

Band # 0032