Scott Ashley, Ray Kennedy, Roger Huycke, Neil Andersson
King Biscuit Entertainers
AKA:  American Cheese, Genesis
Later morphed into Dee Daniels & Dynamite
Longview-Seattle, Washington
1968 ~ 1971


Neil Andersson ~ Lead Guitar
Scott Ashley ~ Lead Guitar, Harp, Piano, Vocals
Dee Daniels ~ Vocals
Roger Huycke ~ Drums
Ray Kennedy ~ Bass, Vocals
Darryl Manninen ~ Guitar, Vocals
Ron Overman ~ Vocals
Mark Whitman ~ Guitar
Kenny Williamson ~ Drums
Dave Winslow ~ Hammond B3, Piano, Vocals
Pat Wright ~ Vocals

Recording Session Musician

Norman Durkee ~ Piano


Bob McGraw

In Memory of

Norman Durkee

Photo Courtesy of Joe Cox

King Biscuit Entertainers in about 1967 or 1968 - Photo Courtesy of Dan Ferguson

Ron Overman and Scott Ashley - Courtesy of Dan Ferguson

Scott Ashley moved from Nashville to Myrtle Beach, SC for several years but is now back playing Blues and Honky Tonk guitar in Nashville (Twangtown)

Daniel Ferguson, January 2013

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Last Update:  17 January 2014
Credits: Darryl Riffero, Neil Andersson, Scott Ashley, Ray Kennedy, Joe Cox, Dan Ferguson, Bob McGraw

Band # 275