Jr. Cadillac in the 70's - Image Courtesy of Carol G Dobbs
Jr. Cadillac
Seattle, Washington
1970 ~ Present


Jeff Beals ~ Baritone Saxophone
Nancy Claire ~ Vocals
Les Clinkingbeard ~ Saxophone
Steve Flynn ~ Keyboards
Bob Hosko - Saxophone
Roger Huycke ~ Drums
Tom Katica ~ Keyboards
Don King ~ Bass
Jimmy Manolides ~ Keyboards
Ned Neltner ~ Guitar
Buck Ormsby ~ Bass
Randy Oxford ~ Trombone
Andy Parypa ~ Bass
Larry (Rube Tubin) Richstein ~ Guitar*
George Rudinger ~ Drums
Gary Shelton ~ Bass
Brian Steiner ~
Lily Wilde ~ Vocals


In Memory of

Bob Hosko
Tommy "Cadillac" Katica

Larry Richstein
aka:  Rube Tubin
d:  18 August 2012

Jeff Beals

Jr. Cadillac - 1971

Nancy Claire - 1962
Image courtesy of Carolyn (Berner) Yadon - The Champagnes 1964-1966, The Shalimars (1966-1967)

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Credits: Seattle Area BandsJames Bush, Andy Parypa, Larry Richstein, Ned Neltner, Ron Petersen, Little Bill Engelhartm, Jeff Beals, Carol G Dobbs, Steve Flynn, Richard Evans, Tamara Cash, Patty Urban

Band # 0098