John, Bob, Ed & Steve
The Incentives
Vancouver, British Columbia
1964 - 1966


Steve Cartmell ~ Organ
Tom Collins ~ Vocals
Bob Haywood ~ Drums
John Purse ~ Bass
Ed Worst ~ Guitar
John (Joe) Worst ~ Bass

Ian Austin ~ Roadie
Barry Biddlecombe ~ Manager

In Memory of

Barry Biddlecombe (1939 to 1995)
Bob Haywood (d:  June 2014)

The Incentives band was formed late 1964 in drummer Bob Haywood's basement with John, Steve and Ed.   Initially Ed sang lead until Tom Collins joined the band in spring of 1965.  Barry Biddlecombe was their manager and Ian Austin did technical support for their staging and lighting. In late 65 John Purse left and was replaced on bass by John (Joe) Worst.

They played extensively throughout the Vancouver area at private parties, fraternities,  colleges,  high schools and clubs, including a regular gig at Oil Can Harry's where they eventually disbanded in September of 1966.  The group played mostly rhythm and blues covers of stax and motown, pop hits of the time and instrumentals of the northwest such as Dave Lewis.

All of the band members moved on to other groups including The Mojo C.O., Kentish Steele and The Shantelles, The New Breed and others.  As of 2014 Ed and John Worst continue to actively work as musicians.

If anyone has any pictures, thoughts or memories from this mid sixties period please feel free to contact Steve at   We would love to hear from you.

Steve Cartmell, June 2014

Tom, Bob, John, Steve & Ed

The Incentives -1991 - Ed, Steve, Bob, Joe and Tom

The Incentives - Photo Courtesy of Alan Davies
Ed, John, Bob, Tom, Steve

Incentives Business Card - Courtesy of Stan Boutilier

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