Dick Bayne's Music Makers at Eisenhower High School, Yakima, WA, 8 March 1958.  Photo by Forest and Whitmire Photography provided courtesy of Tom Walcott
Dick Bayne's Music Makers
Yakima, Washington
1955 - 1959


Dick Bayne ~ Tenor Saxophone
Bill Davison ~ Piano
Bob Mitchel ~ Trumpet
Dick Mitchel ~ Trumpet
Johnny Rebie ~ Drums
Lou Sheeley ~ Alto Saxophone, Clarinet
Van Ness ~ Bass
    Tommy Thomas ~ Tombone
Tom Walcott ~ Alto Saxophone, Clarinet
Rod  Koontz ~  2nd Tenor Saxophone

In Memory of

Dick Bayne
J. Van Ness Estes
Rodney Koontz
Bob Mitchell

Dick Bayne's Music Makers was from Yakima, Washington.  We were the stage band for the Western Washington Fair in Yakima every year and played at all of the major high school proms in the Valley for years.

I  played Alto Saxophone, Tenor Saxophone and Clarinet with the band from about 1955-1959 while I was at Zillah High School in the Yakima Valley.

Tom Walcott, February 2010

Lou Sheeley went on to lead the extension of Music Makers as The Lou Sheeley Orchestra  1960-1981

Lou Sheeley, May 2011

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Last Update:  1 June 2011
Credits:  Tom Walcott, Lou Sheeley
Band # 2611