The BEARD at the 1968 Seattle Teen Fair
The Beard
South Snohomish County, Washington
1967 - 1970


Chuck Burbank ~ Vocals
Steve Eliason ~ Drums
Tom Johnson ~ Drums
Rick Laush ~ Keyboards
Dave Ludington ~ Bass
Steve O'Brien ~ Bass
Mike Powers ~ Vox Organ
John Saba ~ Guitar
Dana Sarf ~ Drums
Kathy Willits ~ Vocals

In Memory of

Steve Eliason   d:  5 January 2017

Dave Ludington

Dave was killed in a training accident at the Naval flight school in Pensacola, Florida in 1976

My name is Gail and I am Dave Ludington's little sister.  My brother Steve somehow came across the PNW Bands website recently.  We were both thrilled to see it and that it included The Beard.  I can't tell you how wonderful it was to see those pictures again along with the tribute to Dave and then to be able to share the site with my 16 year old guitar playing son!  Now he understands how cool his "Uncle Dave" really was!

Gail, December 2005

The BEARD at the 1968 Seattle Teen Fair

Founded by Steve Eliason in 1967, THE BEARD played every high school dance from Tacoma to Bellingham. Winners of the 1968 Evergreen State Fair battle of the bands, 2nd place winners of the 1968 Seattle Teen Fair battle of the bands, these high school kids, THE BEARD, distinguished themselves within their top 40 genres.

The Beard - Photo courtesy of Jay Laush
Special thanks to Mr. and Mrs. Eliason for tolerating those noisy Wednesday night practice sessions in their basement. And thanks to all the parents for buying us those expensive Fender amps, Bogen PA systems, Gibson guitars, Vox organs, Ludwig drums etc. We had a wonderful time and are left with some great memories.
PS.....Sorry we ran over your new Gibson bass with the station wagon, Steve.

Chuck Burbank , July 2002

The Beard - Photo courtesy of Jay Laush
John Saba, Dana Sarf, Dave Ludington, Rick Laush, Chuck Burbank

The Beard - Photo courtesy of Jay Laush

Beard Interview by April Clarkson - Provided courtesy of Tommy Johnson

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Last Update:   28 March 2017
Credits: Chuck Burbank, Jay Laush, Jerry Samuelson, Gail Ludington, Tommy Johnson, John Gordon

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