Photo Courtesy of Lisa Cooke
Baby Knockors
Tacoma, Washington
1978 ~ 1981


Regan Barger ~ Guitar
Kevin Cady (Arrogant Boulder) ~ Vocals
James Cook ~ Bass
Jeff Crane ~ Drums
Jeff Noyes ~ Drums
Denny Porter ~ Guitar

Babyknockors - Tacoma, WA -  Photo by and Courtesy of Brad Matisoff
Babyknockors - Photo by and Courtesy of Brad Matisoff

Photo Courtesy of Lisa Cooke

Photo Courtesy of Lisa Cooke

Photo Courtesy of Lisa Cooke

Photo Courtesy of Lisa Cooke

"Everything you should know about Baby Knockers but don't"

Q.  Who are Baby Knockors?
A:  Baby Knockors are guitar / vocals Felix Penitrator, percussionist Karnald Passions, lead vocals & rock & roll idiot Arrogant Boulder, bass / vocals Skip Welts, and guitar/voacals Boe Reactor.  Living-Buns on the Knobs and Randoid the roadie on everything else.

Q:  Where are they from?
A:  Tacoma, WA of course and proud of it!

Q:  What is their music like?
A:  The Baby Knockors "sound" incorporates the 50's, 60's and 70's but is definitely the sound of the 80's.  They fall in the broad category of rock and roll but to pin a well defined label is most difficult.  They are a mixture of the Stones, Alice Cooper,. Bonzo Dog, and Johnny Rotten.

Q:  How did Baby Knockors originate?
A:  In January of 1978 Felix met Arrogant Boulder and discussed the idea of a rock and roll band over a pin ball machine.  Later Felix talked with two old school chums Reactor and Welts.  At a party a few weeks later they all met Johnny "Stix" Huss and the band was formed.

Q;  What happened to Johnny "Stix" Huss?
A:  Huss quit in May of 1979 due to conflicts in musical style and direction.  Following his departure Karnald Passions joined the group and has been the "skin-man" every since.

Q:  Where did Baby Knockors debut?
A:  After 4 months in Arrogant's brother's garage, complaining of miner's lung from breathing in soot from a defective oil burning stove used to heat the place Baby Knockors emerged April 1, 1978 to play an April Fools party in a basement.  The lighting consisted of a 250 watt lite bulb glaring in everyone's face.  A high classed joint it was like most basements!

Q:  How did they get the name Baby Knockors?
A:  Arrogant and Felix noticed a door in the garage one day.  This was no ordinary door for it was equipped with a duel set of rappers.  The kind you pound on to let people know you are at the door.  These "Knockors" were real tiny like babies.  Thus Baby Knockors the "garage band" now had a name.

Q:  What are they doing?
A:  Baby Knockors is an attempt to shake up, break up, and cut up the regular routines followed by other rock bands.  They are enjoying themselves, leaning more to the light hearted, satirical and tongue in cheek as opposed to the somber and metropolitan.  However, this doesn't mean there is no serious side to Baby Knockors for they can be as sensitive and serious as the best of them.

Q:  What do they do on stage?
A:  Cheryl Tucker, staff writer for the Tacoma News Tribune characterizes the band as being "totally outrageous."  They are a cross between the Marx Brothers and the Rolling Stones.  The band is somewhat theatrical in the presentation of its material employing such props as Monkey Masks, artificial limbs, plastic toy guitars, and a "living" almost real plastic love doll.  You never know what this band will do next but one thing you can count on is that they will do something!"

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