A Six Pack - Photo Courtesy of Frank Gutch, Jr.
Mark, Dayton, Jerry, Frank
Mike, Bill
A Six Pack
Sweet Home, Oregon
1965 - 1968


Scott Adams ~ Keyboards
Mike Borland ~ Saxophone, Vocals
Eric Chandler ~ Vocals
Frank Gutch, Jr. ~ Drums, Vocals
Bill Johnson ~ Guitar, Vocals
Mark Schmidt ~ Electric Piano
Steve Turnbull ~ Drums
Jerry White ~ Trombone, Percussion, Vocals
Dayton Turner ~ Guitar, Bass

The photo is of the first permeation of that band taken at some multiband show held at Memorial Coliseum in Portland in the summer of 1965.

The second permeation had Bill, Dayton and Mike plus Eric Chandler, vocals; Scott Adams, keyboards; and Steve Turnbull on drums.

Prior to that Bill and Dayton had started other bands including one named The Survivors and one named The "N" Crowd.  There may have been other names, too.  We were so bad, we HAD to change our name ever so often.

The first A Six Pack played together for about a year but lost both Frank and Jerry to college and Mark just left.  The second group played together for about two years and was a fairly decent cover band.  We had three of our own No. 1 hits ready for when we were "discovered."  Sadly, we were never discovered and the world was deprived of these remarkable songs, the words and chords to which have long since been lost and forgotten.  Alas, graduations and marriages finally doomed this band.

Dayton Turner, August 2005

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Last Update: 14 March 2011
Credits: Michael S. Roth, Frank Gutch, Jr., Dayton Turner
Band # 1610