Burnaby Bands and East End Friends Reunion III
29 May 2010

The Metro
(Formerly The Grooveyard)
759 Carnarvon Street - New Westminster, BC

All Photos Linda C., 2010

Group shot!   There were a few off tuning guitars (Dave Hunter), and a few warming up their vocal chords (Chad Allan), and a few more great old friends off chatting and catching up, but here's a good representation of the performers.  Meanwhile, dedicated organizers such as Barb and Wanda Thorburn were on crowd control.  Thanks everyone!

If you are ever looking for a "fundamentally fun" reason for getting out of your easy chair, fixing your hair just right and spiffing up like a teenager, make sure that you attend reunions where old pals will be there to greet you.  The Burnaby Bands and East End Friends Reunion III was a great success thanks to all of the great musicians and fine old friends who sprung up to make May 29th, 2010 a very memorable night!  While we were all having a groovin' good time at the old Grooveyard... The Walkathon for Kids with Cancer Society was benefitting from the generosity of all.  Thank you to each and every performer and fan for their enthusiasm and valuable contributions.

The walls of the historic Grooveyard (formerly the Hollywood Bowl and now The Metro) in New Westminster, B.C. still carry the echoes of performers such as Marvin Gaye, Merrilee Rush, The Collectors, Paul Revere and the Raiders, and Tina Turner.  At this year's dance the lingering lyrical stylings of these great artists were fused with the very live sounds of...The Epics, The Bill Gibson Project, Top City and The Northwest Company!  It was a special evening for the many performers who struck their first chord and sang their first note on the stage of "THE place to play in Vancouver"!  It was a thrill to have may more individual performers offer their wonderful talents as they joined the bands on stage.  The pictures will tell the story of a night which will be remembered with much fondness.  As Chad Allan (Shaking All Over) was heard to say, "Man, there was allot of love in the room!"

May you all attend the next reunion that comes your way!  Thanks again, everyone!

Barry Walker, August 2010

The Burnaby Bands and East End Friends Reunion III...Welcome folks!  It's Goovin' time again!!!

The Burnaby Bands and East End Friends Reunion III... Live from The Grooveyard!
All of the proceeds were donated to The Walkathon for Kids with Cancer Society


Michael Vincent Campbell (Let's Go TV show) and Susan Jacks (Which Way You Going Billy?) 
by The Poppy Family

Barry Walker & Harry Walker - Brothers in Music

Soul Man ... Mr. Barry Collins

Some 300+ fans groovin'


Listen to the Music!
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NW Company - Jenny Jenny/CC Ryder featuring Michael Vincent Campbell

NW Company - The Letter featuring Michael Vincent Campbell

NW Company - Linda Lou with guest vocalist Harry Walker (He's the man!)

NW Company - Bring It On Home with guest vocalist Al Foreman

Top City - I Thank You

Top City - Some Kind of Wonderful

Top City - Shaky Ground

Top City - Mustang Sally with Barry Collins and Harry Walker

Top City - Hold on I'm Coming with the Raible Brothers

Above is a picture of The Northwest Company '65 - '67, rockin' the house!. 

That's Michael Vincent Campbell singing lead.  He was a regular on the historic west coast TV show "Let's Go".

Barry Walker, August 2010 

Top City is at the top of their game and the fans were the winners!

Barry Collins and Harry Walker join Top City for... Mustang Sally!

Debra Carter and Al Lynch front The Bill Gibson Project and The Grooveyard was groovin' !!!

Jimmy Harmada on guitar and Epics founder David MacPhail delivered the goods gig time...and a fine vintage it was!  Amazing!

Christine Best and Jason Hoover Jr. knock 'em dead!


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Last Update:  15 December 2010
Credits: Barry Walker (text), Linda C. (photos)
Photos Linda C., 2010