The Raible Brothers grooving at The Grooveyard at The Burnaby Bands and Friends Reunion in May of 2010
The Raible Brothers
Vancouver, British Columbia
1967 - Present


Rick Raible ~ Vocals
Ron Raible ~ Vocals
Terry Raible ~ Vocals

We joined Soul Unlimited in 1968.  Previous to that we were a folk duo, The Raible Brothers.  The same label that signed 'Doby Gray' tried to sign us, but our dad wouldn't let us go to Hollywood because he thought we would drop out of school.

Soul Unlimited advertised us as Vancouver's answer to The Righteous Brothers.  We fronted the band for three years.  It was not common to have 'white boys' singing 'black music; but we sang our souls out.

A highlight for us was the Battle of the Bands, in which we were runner ups, and were told later by the judges that we should have won but the band was too big to send to Los Angeles.

We also sang in a soul review at the Gardens at the P.N.E. .and were blown away by Jason Hoover's comment.. 'You guys may be white, but you got soul'.

The band voted to 'retire' us in 1971.  We had a brief return to the stage with a club band in Vancouver, but careers and jobs took priority.

Our final claim to fame was a Canada-wide CBC special in which the Raible Brothers (now including younger brother Terry), were chosen out of hundreds of acts to perform their special folk/blues style.

The re-unions over the past few years have been a blast.  They have brought back many good memories of good times and good friends.  The recent Grooveyard Reunion was awesome and by the response of the crowd after we did our 'set', confirmed that those two old white guys still got soul!!

Ron Raible, October 2010

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Last Update:  20 December 2010
Credits:  Ron Raible
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