Motherhood - Image courtesy of Doug Dodd
Jedadiah, J. Douglas, Oryan, Vanya, Carter
Vancouver, British Columbia
1969 - 1972


Oryan Skye (Russell Clouston) ~ Drums
J. Douglas Dodd - Hammond Organ, Electric Piano
Carter Blair Sloan (Jean LaLoge) ~ Bass
Jedadiah Skye (Dave Mathews) ~ Vocals
Vanya Skye (Brian McManis) ~ Lead Guitar

Dave Robertson ~ Manager
Brian Cassidy ~ Manager

In Memory of

Dave Robertson (d:  29 Jan 2015)
Oryan Skye (Russell Clouston)
Vanya Skye (Brian McManis)
Carter Blair Sloan (Jean LaLoge)

Most Motherhood members changed their last name (some legally) to Skye and took on a new first name of their liking.  The band was part of the "Skye  Family" which was a collection of musicians and eclectic artist that took on a "new identity' with their new family.  Probably as many as 20 to 30 people or more.  The Vancouver band High Flying Bird was also part of the Skye family and was Vanya Skye's first band which he left to form Motherhood.  Vanya was a young, brilliant guitarist, songwriter and was the main inspiration and writer for the group.

Motherhood wrote and performed mostly original material which they called "psychedelic symphonic rock".  Their style was somewhere between Pink Floyd and Moody Blues but far more out there.  Some tapes still exist and others have recently been found but unfortunately none of their music was ever  commercially released.  However, they did record at Psychord Studios, Studio 3 and Mushroom Studios.

Their music was strictly concert material and they took great pride in not been called a "dance band".  Some songs had many movements and could last up twenty minutes. They performed on the same stage with many of the great 60's groups (Ten Years After, Grateful Dead) usually as a warm up band or at rock music festivals in Canada and the USA.  But more often they would be seen playing at the Parlour or Pender Auditorium.

Carter now lives in England and at one time was Elton John's road manager then later played guitar with Meatloaf.  Carter still has a band and performs.

In 1972 Vanya was tragically killed on the way to a gig with a band he was playing with called "Windjammer".  They were hit by a B.C. Railway train on the #1 highway in route to Chilliwack.  Another guitarist in that group was killed with him but I only briefly knew him, I believe his first name was Greg.

Oryan eventually became "captain of his own vessel" and had many adventures sailing in the Caribbean during the late 70's.  In 1984 he passed away in Victoria from cancer.

Jed moved back to Calgary and was involved in the reality business.

Doug now lives in Nanaimo and composes music for film and theatre.  He teaches music privately and teaches part time at Malaspina University/College in the theatre department.  He is involved in some studio producing and often performs and tours with singer Joelle Rabu, along with Pamela Keld and other singer/songwriters.

Dave Robertson was last heard from living and working in Prince George.

Doug Dodd, May 2007

Dave Robertson is now retired and living in Kamloops.

Jim Green, September 2008

Carter Laloge passed away Aug 2nd, 2007 of liver cancer in Maidenhead, England.  He played music all his life.

Fiona Job, November 2008

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Last Update:  29 January 2015
Credits:   Dave Robertson, Doug Dodd, Jim Green, Fiona Job
Band #  2181