The Imperials
Richmond, British Columbia
1959 - 1965


Wayne Arnold ~ Saxophone
Marc Cunningham  ~  Guitar
Bill Giolma ~ Drums
Keith Kemp ~ Piano
Dave Smith ~ Saxophone
Larry Stevens ~ Lead Guitar, Bass
Al Wilson ~ Guitar
Jim Wilson ~ Bass

In Memory of

Wayne Arnold

I was recently informed about your site and have had some good fun reviewing the various bands, names and venues covered.

For your information, a band called The Imperials, based in Richmond BC was together between 1960 and 1962. I played Bass in the band in 1960/61. Other members included Larry Stevens, Lead Guitar/Bass, Al Wilson (no relation) Guitar, Keith Kemp, Piano , Bill Gialma, Drums and Dave Smith, Saxophone.

We were an instrumental band playing mainly R & B covers. We played at various venues around the Vancouver area including The Hollywood Bowl, Garden Auditorium, Carpenters Hall (NW) etc.

Keep up the good work and thanks for an interesting and nostalgic site.
Jim Wilson, April 2004

My name is Bill Giolma. I was the Drummer and the co-founder of the Richmond, B.C./Vancouver Imperials.

We played all of the R & B oriented dancehalls and Nightclubs in Southwestern B.C. and even down into the Bellingham and Oak Harbor WA. area.

We did our last gig as the "Imperials" in the latter part of 1965.

Bill Giolma, March 2006

Sax player Wayne Arnold died at the hands of muggers in Tijuana, Mexico, circa Spring 1962 R.I.P.)

We were the house band every weekend at the Hollywood Bowl for about a year and we used 2 saxophones. One Saturday night we had Paul Revere and the Raiders as headliners on the gig.  We had a great time with them.

Bill Giolma, February 2007

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Credits:  Jim Wilson, Bill Giolma
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