Good Blessing - Image courtesy of Larry Taverner
Good Blessing
Seattle, Washington
1971 ~ 1972


Steve Bartlett ~ Bass
Richard Evans ~ Drums
Fred Heiny ~ 12 String Guitar
Linda Helland ~ Vocals
Mike Jamboretz ~ Guitar
Larry Mitchell ~ Drums
Bill Shimeall ~ Guitar
Larry Taverner ~

In Memory of

Fred Heiny

Fred Heiny passed away September 5, 2002.

Good Blessing - 1972 - Courtesy of Richard Evans

Image courtesy of Larry Taverner

The original Good Blessing was formed and named by Mike Jamboretz and Larry Taverner. They performed in coffee houses until King Radio discovered them at a festival at the University of Washington.  King Radio auditioned Larry and Mike for the summer gig. The producer wanted to add a female vocalist to the duo.  Linda Helland was part of that audition and was added to the duo that day. Steve Bartlett joined the group prior to the first performance. The final version of the group lasted a few months.

Larry Taverner, November 2007

Photo courtesy of Richard Evans
Mike, Bill, Richard, Steve & Fred
Good Blessing at Gold Creek Park - 1972

Richard Evans with Good Blessing at the District Tavern, Seattle - 1971
After the band signed a deal with King TV-Radio & Heidelberg Beer Co. in 1971, I was added to Good Blessing as their Drummer. It was an acoustic folk style band at that time doing songs by The Beatles, James Taylor, CSN, etc., playing at parks and festivals that summer with TV ads most nights on Johnny Carson’s breaks.

The band then split into two groups one being with Mike Jamboretz – guitar, Steve - bass and me on drums, with new members Bill Shimeall & Fred Heiny - guitars.

In order to know which band to give the next summers contract to and the name Good Blessing, King put both in Sea-West Studio with Bob Holden ex - Don & the Goodtimes drummer as producer.

This more electric band got the contract and name.  We also signed with GEC Agents and played a lot at High school dances and clubs in Washington, Idaho & Oregon, doing many original songs as well as songs by Fleetwood Mac, Savoy Brown, Poco & White Trash.  We all lived in a great band house in Woodinville.

After nine months or so the band changed again with Steve and me.  A short time later with Mike leaving the group, we added new members and became an even more Rock style band known as Night Wing.

It was great time of my life with one of the best bands I've been in the last 40 years.

Richard Evans, November 2009

Image courtesy of Larry Taverner

Mike,Bill ,Fred at Good Blessing gig 1972 Green Lake North  - Image courtesy of Richard Evans
Mike, Bill and Fred at Green Lake North  - 1972

Courtesy of Richard Evans

Courtesy of Richard Evans

A Later Version of The Group

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Credits: Richard Evans, Bill Shimeall, Steve Bartlett, Larry Taverner

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