Barry, Fred, Mike and Duane
 The Bootmen
(Formed out of the Solitudes - Also Briefly Known as the Capris)
Tacoma - Olympia, Washington
1964 ~ 1966


Neil Andersson ~ Guitar
Barry Bellandi ~ Drums
Fred Dickerson ~ Guitar
Ron Gardner ~ Saxophone, Vocals
Butch Hannukaine ~ Keyboards
Mark Marush ~ Saxophone
Duane McCaslin ~ Bass
Michael Moore ~ Keyboards
Dave Roland ~ Drums
John Stone ~ Vocals
Jim Stover ~ Bass
Dean Whitbeck ~ Drums
Tom Zawlawky ~ Drums

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In Memory of

Ron Gardner 1945-1992
Mark Marush  August 2007
Tom Zawlawky

Duane, Barry, Fred and Mike - 1966

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Last Update:   28 June 2012
Credits:  Duane McCaslin, Barry Bellandi, H. Blair, Fred Dickerson, Don Rogers, Fuzz Acid & Flowers, Rusty Graeff, Diane Gardner, Stan Foreman, Donn Mee
Photos:  Courtesy of D. Riffero Collection, Fred Dickerson, Diane Gardner, Robert Elms, Dave (D.R). Zimmerman

Band # 0081