Abbotsford, British Columbia
1985 - Present


Phil Aldridge ~ Vocals
Asger Hansen ~ Keyboards, Vocals
Gary Huntbach ~ Drums
Dave Thomson ~ Flute
Jim Wilding ~ Fiddle, Banjo


Paul Abbot

In Memory of

Paul Abbot


The Story of 1066

Chapter One

Once upon a time a bunch of young cave dwellers were sitting around doing nothing. Well actually they weren't really doing nothing. They were really sitting around consuming vast quantities of their favourite ales. "Arg, grunt, snort" says Phil, the largest of the cave dwellers. This loosely translated meant, "We need something to go with this fine nectar of the gods."

Everyone agreed. However no one could think of anything. They spent days scratching their heads and other parts of their hairy bodies but came up with no ideas. Soon, Jimmy the unshaven one became so frustrated that he picked a stick and started beating himself on the head. Everyone fell into a hush. "The sound from Jimmy's head is astounding" shouted Paul the Barbarian. At that point everyone picked up a stick and started beating themselves on their heads. After awhile the cave dwellers started to somewhat keep in time with each other. In fact the sounds started to resemble music. They added other sounds which were performed through the use of other bodily functions.  Merrily they performed all night until the last had passed out. We are not sure if they passed out from the head banging or their vast consuming from the vessels of godly nectar.

The next day they all agreed that they should not stop doing this strange thing. So that night they continued with their head banging and soon a large crowd had gathered around to listen to the strange noises. Well, it wasn't really the noises, but rather it had something to do with the fact that there was a lot of nectar around that needed to be consumed.  "Hey"' says Dave the enforcer, "Let's do this  everywhere, but we need to come up with some sort of collective name for this group of ours. "Hmmm!" Then Phil says, "Let's name the group using our combined weight" Suddenly they all found a scale and quickly they all jumped onto it. Amazingly enough the scale didn't break and it even registered a total weight 1066. So there is first chapter. And now you know the rest of the story.



Chapter 2 - The Actual Story

 "1066" came into being in November 1985 during a jam session in Abbotsford, British Columbia. The audience that night saw 4 musicians, who had never before played together, entertain for 2 hours in the lounge of an "Eagles" club, providing entertainment until the dance band started up for the regular Friday night dance.  Their musical style was "not too seriously Celtic".  They were re-hired for the next several weeks and by January of 1986 had become "THE" Friday  night entertainment.

Since then the band has added two more members and have performed on Television, Stage, Fairs, Conventions and Pubs on both sides of the border to appreciative audiences.

Their slightly irreverent, light-hearted style offers music covering a broad range of the musical spectrum.  Over the years they have shared the stage with such diverse luminaries as "Irish Rover" - Will Millar, who was their guest performer on several occasions,  Jazz piano phenom - Michael Kaeshammer, Vaudeville performer, Susie Francis, Big Band Leaders - Dal Richards and Mart Kenney, as well as Banjo Virtuoso "Fast Eddie" Erickson.  Asger has also worked with many artists including The Bachmans (BTO) and Michael Buble back when he was just starting out.

In November 2002, they were deeply saddened at the death of their great friend and founding member - Paul Abbott. The band has continued and has released a CD on the first anniversary of his passing. The official CD release took place at one of Paul's favourite performance venues in Friday Harbor, Washington.  Titled "The Rumrunners", it is dedicated to Paul's memory and features many of his favourite songs, including two that were co-written by Paul himself.

Members of "1066" hail from various musical backgrounds. Jim Wilding on the fiddle and banjo, is a classical violinist as well as a virtuoso old time fiddler. Dave Thomson is also one of Canada's finest pipers and is a member of another Celtic band known as Piper Down.

Phil Aldridge, the band's front man started as a member in a rock band back in England. He is also involved in musical theatre which takes him on tours as far away as Great Britain and Ireland.

On drums, there is Gary Huntbach who also hails from a rock band background in England. He currently performs with local blues band, Deception.

Asger Hansen, on keyboards has a very diverse musical background including a jazz and rock guitar, classical trumpet, piano, keyboards, sax, and just about anything he can gets his hands on. Asger is the producer of 1066's CD, The Rumrunners plus the 20th Anniversary CD. Asger along with his wife, Debbie is also the owner of A&D Music Productions in Downtown Abbotsford.

"1066" does not take themselves too seriously except in the fact they work hard to make sure that their audiences have fun.  Music and humor is what the band is all about.  They are a truly International band having played in many countries collectively and individually. So join in the fun, raise a jar or two and get ready to party.

Jokingly, the band always likes to remind everyone to purchase one of their CD's in support of one of the band's favorite charities. The B.C.L.C.B.


The Future

The year 2010 Marks the bands 25th Anniversary. With that we are planning a number of stage shows throughout the lower mainland of B.C.  Also, we are planning another extensive Marina Pub tour. This tour will take us all the way up and down Georgia Strait and the San Juan Islands. Some of the places will include Friday Harbor Wa., Pender Harbour, Campbell River, Comox, Saltspring Island, Nanaimo B.C., plus many more venues. The exciting part is that we are travelling to all of these points by a large sailboat. As we are all sailors we will be sailing a 50 foot Beneteau starting out of Victoria then sailing from there on. We first did this kind of tour for our 20th Anniversary. We had so much fun we decided to do it again. This will take place in July of 2010.

Asger Hansen, November 2009

Some of the other Pacific Northwest music groups represented in members of this group include:  Faggots and Peas, Electric Brass Foundry Band, and many other NW bands.

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Credits:  Asgar Hansen
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